Wrestlemania Predictions

I know a lot of fans have had their opinions about WWE continuing with Wrestlemania but personally for me wrestling is my escape and I am blessed WWE is till putting a show on for us. I will go over every match that is planned so far and give my predictions.

Otis vs. Ziggler: I have actually liked this storyline and that mainly has to do with me liking Otis and his character. I would love to see Otis win here and maybe just not be interested in Mandy anymore. Being desperate for the girl is not really sympathetic for most fans, but I see it more going the way of Mandy helping Otis. Going with Otis to beat Zigs here.

Elias vs. Corbin: Corbin has been a good heal this year, but since going to Smackdown he has been in a losing streak situation. I am taking Corbin to get the win against Elias.

Black vs. Lashley: I am taking Black to get a win. It’s sad that Lashley has ever got his feud with Brock with that being the whole reason he came back, but Black is someone they seem to be pushing right now, taking Black.

Smackdown tag team championship: This is a match that I could steal the show. A ladder match with Usos, Miz/Morrison and New Day.

Raw tag team championship: Street Profits were on fire when winning title but ever since they haven’t really had a feud. Andrade and Garza are great individually but as a tag team it’s not something I see. I see street profits retaining.

Sami vs. Daniel: I love Sami and hope for him to get more titles in the future, but I see this being Daniel’s moment.

Owens vs. Rollins: I love watching Seth Rollins and a month ago I would of said I love these two wrestling but the feud I’m not for. That changed on Monday. I loved Rollins promo and bringing up FCW. I do see Owens beating Owens and hopefully Rollins remaining a heel but going in a different direction without AOP and Murphy.

Undertaker vs. AJ Styles: This may be the best story in pro wrestling. I have never seen AJ cut such perfect and amazing promos ever. This has brought the best out of AJ and even though I’m sure they are going to have Taker win, having AJ win would put him back in that main event level. I am going with Taker though.

Smackdown women’s championship: This is the match I am most excited for. Sasha and Bayley are my favorite wrestlers and we get the return of Tamina and Trin continuing her story with Bayley. Smackdown women’s division is stacked and I cannot wait for the storytelling in this match. I am going with Bayley retaining.

NXT women’s championship: I like that Rhea is different, but personally I just cannot connect with her. Her matches haven’t really invested me in any way and the story makes NXT look kinda weak in my opinion. Bianca and Charlotte would of been so much better. With that said I have never seen a bad Charlotte match so I’m sure it will deliver. I would like to see Charlotte win to just shock the world and piss of social media, but I do see Rhea winning.

Becky vs. Shayna: I liked Shayna a lot, I just wish they let her be herself like how she was in NXT. Some of her promos feel forced and the caked make up is not a good look for her. For a character the be believable they need to be themselves and not fabricated. I don’t see Shayna taking the title off Becky, even though I really hope she does. Becky has a great character, but I loved straight fire Becky better because of the chase, the sympathy. Becky being cocky doesn’t match her character, it doesn’t feel like herself. The only feuds I personally have been invested with her this year was Natalya and Sasha. This of course isn’t all Becky’s fault and I’m sure she has put input in, but Shayna having the title would give it something new and we could have underdog Becky again.

Cena vs. Fiend: I love Cena and am so excited he is back, I see Cena putting Bray over and having a really good story match. Cena is one of the best at getting someone over and telling a story in the ring and Bray is very creative. If anyone can get the Fiend over again, it’s Cena. This should be entertaining, taking Bray to beat Cena.

Edge vs. Orton: This is another one that could so steal the show. Orton and Edge have great chemistry and the storyline has been one of those you really wish you had crowd interaction in, but it’s been really really good. I am taking Edge to beat Orton.

Universal championship: Roman is rumored to be out of the match or else I would choose Roman to beat Goldberg. Rumor is it will be Braun going up against Goldberg in that case I would prefer Braun winning title, but I see Goldberg going over in that situation. I’m not sure if there is heat for Roman not competing, which would be just ridiculous because it’s a life or death situation especially with his health. I would save Roman vs. Goldberg for Summerslam and give Roman his redemption moment then.

Brock vs. Drew: These two work so good together and as much as I want Drew to win, I feel Brock winning and continuing story with Drew until Summerslam would be better for the story. I do see Drew beating Brock though at Mania.

Top Women’s Matches In Women’s Evolution.

Over the weekend I watched my favorite women’s matches and moments. I wanted to give you all my list and maybe you will enjoy re-watching these like I did.

AJ Lee pipebomb: I had a lot of animosity towards the divas era. When Lita and Trish retired I fell out of love of wrestling. Divas era made me so mad because I had so much satisfaction and hope from everything the golden era built, not just Trish and Lita but all those women. I remember when I first started getting back into wrestling right after I watched Sasha vs. Bayley I decided to try to catch up on the women’s division on the main roster. One thing that really stood out and caught my eye was AJ Lee. In every promo, interview, match I could tell with her actions that she wanted women’s wrestling to be taken seriously and she refused to dress up like a diva to accomplish it. She was in some very interesting storylines and her career wasn’t he longest but her matches and the pipe bomb really put fuel on the divas and the divas era. It made people think and soon after that we had people saying give divas a chance.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte July 25th 2016: This was Sasha’s first title reign, this is where she finally captured the gold against Charlotte. This was a huge moment, not many thought anyone could beat Charlotte, a lot of us thought Charlotte would of held onto that forever. Sasha showed everyone that she may have not been born into wrestling, but nothing was stopping her from being born to do this. One of my favorite matches and moments personally for me in the women’s evolution.

Sasha vs. Bayley RESPECT: A lot of people liked Brooklyn better but RESPECT is what really nailed into my chest that Sasha and Bayley were gonna change women’s wrestling and no one was gonna stop them. The storytelling in this match was at it’s finest and Sasha played the heel so damn good. One of my favorite matches of all time.

Sasha vs. Becky. vs. Charlotte WM 32: At this time I had watched NXT and caught up on anything Sasha and Bayley were doing, but I hadn’t really been caught up on Charlotte or Becky yet and there NXT that I rewatched hadn’t invested me yet. This right here, the first time since I cried watching wrestling as a little girl, all that passion and emotions started again. Seeing Sasha come out I thought I know Flair’s daughter is in this match and Becky seemed over with the crowd but Sasha looked like the star, seeing her come out I thought there was no way she wasn’t leaving with the gold. That didn’t happen, but it was still one of the best women’s matches at Wrestlemania ever. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Asuka vs. Bayley NXT Dallas: This didn’t only start the beginning of Asuka’s dominant reign, but it showed us a side of Bayley we didn’t see. She lost her I’m happy and found a darkness inside of her, a toughness to compete with Asuka. Not a lot of people talk about this match, but both women put on an amazing performance and it’s a match I always go back to especially when referring to Asuka and how damn good she is.

Nikki Cross vs. Asuka June 28th 2017 NXT: I remember watching this match on my couch and thinking holy shit women can do last women standing matches now. I loved Nikki’s character in NXT, she had that hardcore edge and I really loved it. Asuka was the dominant champion, but really Nikki took her to that extreme level. One of my favorite NXT matches.

Asuka vs. Charlotte wm 34: This is a match that I believe should of main evented Wrestlemania. That year I really believe it should of happened. I thought it was time for Asuka to take a loss to someone leginiment and who was better than the queen Charlotte, at the time that no one thought anyone could be on her level ever. Now we have Rhea, Asuka, Sasha, Bayley, and a lot of the NXT girls that are catching up. This match didn’t only have athleticism it had a story and a lot of emotion from both women. Asuka wanting Charlotte to be the one to beat her and Charlotte have so many rollercoaster emotions due to her brother who passed away loving japanese wrestling and wrestling in japan. I will always remember this match.

Sasha vs. Bayley vs. Charlotte vs. Nia: Bayley didn’t get to be part of Wrestlemania 32, but I loved having Bayley added to this match. Sasha showed out in this match and it was another example of why they deserved to not only main event Wrestlemania but any PPV.

Sasha vs. Charlotte HIAC: I remember a lot of backlash from fans from this match. This is about when I first started listening to wrestling podcasts and signed up for a Twitter which some days feels like a damn mistake. This match will always mean a lot to me, not only was it the first ever HIAC match, but it was the first time I felt hope that Sasha and Charlotte could keep women’s wrestling going and we could keep getting more first evers and not any bathroom break wrestling matches. This was the first time since Lita and Trish that I thought wow we are actually getting a storyline here. This is better than the men’s storylines, that just gave me a lot of happiness and hope.

First ever women’s royal rumble: That night was so magical. I remember seeing Lita come out the ring and her giving Sasha and Becky a moonsault and just thinking this is so damn cool. There was surprises, storytelling and amazing in ring work in this royal rumble. I’m not sure if anything can ever live up to it, it was a special night and moment that I knew we are never going back, women’s wrestling is only gonna get brighter and better.

Charlotte vs. Natalya NXT: Charlotte puts over this match a lot, but not many people bring it up on there list. This right here was a huge deal, a superstar coming from the main roster to humble an NXT talent and for the championship. The respect, storytelling and match itself was a moment that fans were like wow, women can have long matches too. They just have to let us.

Becky vs. Charlotte Evolution: This storyline started out so hot and I have to be honest a lot of their matches during this feud fell a little short for me, but the last woman standing match at Evolution made me forget all of that. These two risked everything and told one of the best stories I have seen two women tell in ring.

Charlotte vs. Bayley February 13th 2017: This was Bayley’s first title on the main roster. I remember getting off work late, not looking on social media and just going home and watching this on my DVR. Just soaking in Bayley finally getting her shot. Charlotte’s facials and the story she told in ring with Bayley was top notch and Bayley played the babyface good. I’m sure a lot of people won’t choose this on their top list but for me it’s more than some highspots, or flashy spots, I really enjoyed the storytelling and story Charlotte and Bayley had here.

Women’s tag championship elimination chamber: Growing up I was obsessed with tag team wrestling and there was a point when WWE had tag team division and titles but nothing like this. The story behind this is also just amazing. Bayley had admitted in interviews and wrestling websites have reported that during the time that Bayley and Sasha had their feud that everyone was complaining about on Raw that Sasha was pitching to Vince that they wanted tag titles. Every Monday night she would go into Vince’s office and continue to pitch ideas, and demand for women’s tag titles until they got them. That is dedication and heart. Not only was this my favorite elimination chamber match, but what it meant to me just meant everything. For the two wrestler that got me back into wrestling were not tag champs just brought tears to my eyes.

Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Sasha vs. Becky NXT Rival: NXT got to see the group that turned into the 4-horsewomen all battle each other to prove who is the best. These 4 are so important to the women’s revolution/evolution. I know a lot of people say they are overrated or always get the credit, but I am being honest without the 4 horsewomen I do not think we would be where we are at. We wouldn’t have first evers and we wouldn’t have Ronda. Charlotte was the athletic one that refused to be a model, Sasha was the one that have dreamt of changing the word diva, Bayley was the one that refused to change herself to fit the mold and Becky was the one that gave up on her dream, but fate pushed her to tryout for WWE during the perfect time. All women didn’t wanna be a diva, they wanted to compete, they wanted storylines, they wanted to be better than the men. They refused to settle for less.

Sasha vs. Bayley NXT Brooklyn: I think it’s perfect to end with this match on my top list. I have rewatched all of the NXT matches and respect is my favorite, but the first time I started watching wrestling again I was on youtube and suddenly the NXT pre show panel was live streaming. I saw the promo for Sasha vs. Bayley and in that moment I signed up for WWE network, watched an amazing PPV and decided I am never letting wrestling slip away from me again. At that time, I didn’t care about myself, I didn’t care about my life. I was depressed and had no reason to live. That night it sparked something in me, gave me a reason to love and live. In a way Sasha and Bayley saved my life. I will always have a big part of my heart dedicated to Sasha and Bayley for doing that and waking me up. This match at the end of the day had storytelling, phycology, chemistry and in ring action we had never seen before. It’s a classic.

Ember vs. Asuka NXT Takeover Chicago: The Ember and Asuka feud was so underrated. With 4-horsewomen gone they needed women to stand up and take over NXT. Asuka’s dominant streak and the hard fought matches were proof, but if there was a babyface a woman that could sell like no other it was Ember moon. This match meant a lot because they didn’t depend on anyone to get them over, they just went out there and did it.

Io vs. Candice NXT Takeover Toronto: The women’s evolution is still continuing in NXT and these two tore the house down at NXT Toronto. I been a big fan of both of these ladies before they came to NXT. Candice fighting the men and having a babyface sense like no other and Io tearing it up in Japan. Both of these women are continuing the women’s evolution.

Becky vs. Sasha NXT Unstoppable: There is no denying Sasha vs. Bayley got to our hearts but Becky vs. Sasha was a very underrated match that told an amazing story. This really stamped Becky as part of the 4-horsewomen and not the red headed step child being left behind.

Charlotte vs. Sasha vs. Bayley Clash Of Champions: This match was a huge part of Bayley’s career. Going to the main roster and Charlotte and Sasha having in an intense feud but it was the moment that Bayley decided, NO this is my time too.

Sasha vs. Asuka January 29th 2018: There is so many wonderful matches on this list and more that I could clearly add, but this is my last one because it is very special to me. Sasha Banks my favorite wrestler was in the royal rumble the night before this for the longest time. I always wanted to see Asuka vs. Sasha and this Monday night we did. It was just a Raw and I don’t think anyone expected this to be a good match but it was. The energy and chemistry Asuka had we just got a taste of but this was a statement. Yes we can have all these firsts but at the end of they day we ain’t going anywhere, women’s wrestling isn’t going anywhere.

This was a controversial week for wrestling fans but I have to say I really enjoyed supershow down. I will get into the whole PPV later in my blog. I will first start out with Monday Night Raw.

I loved the start of Raw this week. Orton’s promo was alright, still being that snake but I loved Owen’s promo, it really came from the heart. The match later in the night was fine, I”m just at the point where I do not need Rollins as this jesus character and this stable. This isn’t the heel Rollins that I loved before.

The women’s segment for contract signing was a lot of chaos and I wasn’t really for it until Shayna showed up. Shayna did her thing and her and Becky had a good thing going. I don’t feel like the women need the Chamber not only because it’s gonna be Shayna vs. Becky but because none of these women I wanna see in a chamber. The Smackdown women I would prefer in a chamber, or even a tag team chamber match.

For me Raw wasn’t it, the show didn’t have much I liked but I am happy for Wrestlemania season and am excited for next week and the future.

I really enjoyed Supershow down. The show just felt big and I really liked the matches. I will go over my favorites.

First of all Undertaker returning was really dope. I always get goosebumps hearing his music. If the plan is AJ vs. Undertaker I am totally on board, I just hope Undertaker can go still.

We got new tag team champions honestly I wish the new champs were the Street profits over Buddy and Seth but maybe they are waiting that for mania. We did get Miz and Morrison as new champs. I really feel they can add a lot, it will help Morrison get some rub till he is ready to go on his own.

The main event a lot of people were upset but I wasn’t. This is coming from someone that never liked Goldberg. I feel the Fiend has gotten a little stale, he is not as over and Goldberg vs. Roman for me is more intriguing.

My favorite match at super showdown was of course my Bayley against Trin. Both these women worked their asses off. This was Bayley’s best heel showing, I really enjoyed this match. I got emotional watching it, I’m so proud of both of them.

Smackdown started hot, we got the return of Sasha Banks. I love Sasha, Trin and Bayley all together fighting. I would love this match at Wrestlemania. Match was decent and good seeing Sasha back, really excited for Chamber. I hope Trin shows out and wins at the chamber.

I really did enjoy the opening of Smackdown. The stand off between Roman and Goldberg made it feel like a big fight feel. I was so hyped just watching these two look at each other. The promos that Roman can cut are gonna be amazing.

Raw has really been solid since 2020. The Orton/Edge/Matt Hardy storyline really has been the top storyline in wrestling for me. I loved Orton being a master heel and Matt really cutting incredible promos and bringing up his relationship with Edge. With the rumors of Matt leaving the WWE, I would really like Jeff Hardy involved in Orton hurting his brother and other brother Edge. I think Jeff Hardy and Orton could have another amazing match. I wouldn’t want Jeff to get destroyed or squashed but a good storyline before Orton goes to Edge.

I really enjoyed Charlotte’s promo on Raw, she really is better as a heel and a swagger with all that confidence. I read a lot of people complaining online about NXT having Charlotte vs. Bianca on their show and it not being on a PPV. NXT needs ratings, they need to be taken seriously, Charlotte going over there to have a match with what I feel is a mega star in the next Charlotte of the WWE is gonna be meaningful and stamp in that NXT is a third brand not just a place where talent train and grow.

One thing I just haven’t been invested into is Shayna and Becky and I do like both talents but so far this storyline hasn’t got me attached in any way. I am more excited about who Bayley and Charlotte are gonna face.

Drew has been getting more over every week. There are things about his baby face run I love and some things I can do with out. I am really looking forward to him vs. Brock, but I am more intrigued about what Ricochet can do against Brock this coming Thursday. Brock just always has better matches against smaller wrestlers.

I feel like I say this every week but Smackdown really has been a struggle for me to sit and watch for at least a month now. I am usually just looking forward to what Bayley and Sasha are doing and now Trin. Trin defeated Carmella and I am just excited we get her vs. Bayley. These two are both my top favorite females in the business and I cannot wait to see what they can do at super showdown. Not only are they making HERstory when it comes to women’s wrestling and women’s rights in Saudi but it will be the first time a hispanic and Black female wrestler in Saudi. I adore both these women and can’t wait to watch these two tear the house down. My dream scenario would be Trin vs. Bayley vs. Sasha for mania but hey a girl can dream right. What I could see happen is Naiomi win at super show down or Chamber and then wrestlemania being her vs. Sasha but I am all for any of these three women as champ or winning at Mania.

Everyone has their opinions on the Bella’s being inducted into the hall of fame. Truthfully I was never a Bella Twins fan so I’m not gonna act like I was. I have been vocally about the divas era and that I gave up and stopped watching wrestling during the divas era, my passion just died. It wasn’t my taste and wasn’t the path and message I stand for but with that said they contributed a lot to the WWE and worked their asses off when chances were being taken away. I truly respect them for that. Everyone has a different flavor, different interests, that’s why we have different characters and storylines. Congrats to them and as a wrestling community let’s not spread hate, lets respect and appreciate what we’ve had and where we are now in women’s wrestling.

I hope everyone is having a great week. I will get into the Royal Rumble and how it was my favorite in years. I will also talk Raw and NXT this week.

My favorite match at the royal rumble was the women’s royal rumble match, I absolutely fell in love with that match. With seeing Trin back, to Bianca’s magical superstar performance to Charlotte winning her first Rumble, it was really everything. Now if I was dream booking it I would of had Beth win it to face Becky Lynch or have Bianca win it to face Bayley. That’s just me but really it was a perfect Rumble for me. Cannot say enough about Bianca’s performance and how she looked like a main roster, main event star. With that said our winner was Charlotte and honestly I was fine with it. I am not all in on Shayna vs. Becky and Charlotte winning gives her a royal rumble win and helps the 4-horsewomen and her and their legacy.

I also really enjoyed the men’s Rumble. I just loved the storytelling we had this year. I have really been enjoying Drew’s baby face run so far and I feel it is his time and the perfect moment for him to defeat Brock and to have a good long feud with Seth.

Another match I really enjoyed was Asuka vs. Becky. I thought this was Becky’s best match since facing Sasha at hell in a cell.

I have been having a really hard time being invested into Smackdown unless it’s Bayley or Sasha on my TV but Raw has really been my favorite show recently. I loved the opening of Raw and the ending of Raw, both very powerful.

First, Drew’s opening promow as great it didn’t feel scripted and you could really feel his emotion. It was good to see him dominate a match and a good sign to see Brock attack Drew and be invested. Really excited for this match and hoping for it to main event mania.

It was good to see MVP get one last match with WWE, I was really happy to see that.

Char looked good against Asuka but she won the Rumble I would of had her just beat Asuka. Also the Becky promo came off very heelish. If she trying to be Conor she might start getting boos with that swagger. I also liked straight fire Becky better but we will see where this character goes. If she don’t turn heel I feel they need to put title on someone else, she is better at chasing.

I am really hoping to see Liv move on from Lana because she has so much talent in that ring, and oh by the way her finisher is fire.

The ending of Raw was the biggest ending to Raw in a long time. Edge gave a promo that was so deep it got me in tears and Orton made it deeper with him hinting at battling drug problems. Then out of nowhere Orton attacks Edge’s neck. A good believable attack, I am so invested into these two right now.

Really liked NXT this week but have Kai lose her first real match as a heel felt not right for me, would like her to get some wins. Also I am so into Djokovic right now, he is such a huge star and I will never say no to him vs. Lee.

We are going to be having an amazing weekend of wrestling. We have world collide which is gonna give us amazing in ring matches and we have my favorite PPV of the year, the Royal Rumble. I will go over my predictions and go over what I thought of Raw and Smackdown.

My favorite match of this week was Mysterio vs. Andrade, I will never get sick of seeing these two wrestle each other. This was one of my favorite ladder matches I have seen in a long time.

I would of liked this segment with Ricochet and Brock better if Ricochet said he would enter at 2 and see a good competition between them at the beginning. Ricochet is so good and he needs something to give him a spark.

Even though the match ended in no contest Drew vs. Orton I enjoyed and would like to see a detailed feud in the future. I really liked Drew’s promo at the end and like I said last week I’ve really liked Drews babyface turn. I would be all for Drew winning the royal rumble.

I was so happy when Buddy and Rollins won tag titles. Rollins is the man on Raw and he should have some kind of gold and as for Buddy Murphy this is huge for him. I am really happy for Buddy.

This Lashley/Lana/Rusev/Liv storyline has kind of gone out of control. I was never against this story but having Liv and Rusev lose really isn’t doing anything for the story. I am hoping Liv and Rusev can go their seperate ways and be stars outside of this story.

I don’t know if I am just not engaged to what is happening on Smackdown or if the stories are just not strong but Usos and Roman vs. Ziggler, Roode and Corbine I didn’t feel at all.

I liked the promo was Lacey Evans but the crowd kinda took me out of it because I thought I heard boos while she was talking about her father’s passing and being inspirational to other. I really thought she knocked that promo out of the park. I loved the Bayley heel beat down, but I do not want Bayley to drop this. I feel babyface Sasha vs. heel Bayley is money and needs to be booked for this Bayley run to end and mean something. We had another match I wasn’t invested into Braun and Elias against Cesaro and Shinsuke. I really feel Smackdown needs a purpose. Either they are a wrestling show, a storytelling show, they need an identity.

Andrade vs. Humberto: I am taking Andrade for this match and for the feud that ended, continued, will end again at Royal Rumble.

Shorty G vs. Shaemous: I am taking Sheamy, it’s his return should be a dominant win.

Bayley vs. Lacey Evans: I am thinking they take the title of Bayley and put it on Lacey. They seem really high on her and the crowd seems behind her as well.

Mens Rumble: I am taking Drew, I feel it is his time.

Roman vs. Corbin: I am predicting Corbin wins and Roman goes far in the rumble.

Becky vs. Asuka: I am taking Bex, this will be her match to prove she is the best.

Women’s rumble: Taking Ronda or Shayna, they need something big for Becky.

Fiend vs. DB: I want it to be DB but I see Fiend winning again.

Drew has turned baby face and it couldn’t of happened at any better time. Regardless if he wins the Rumble or puts on a good show in the Rumble, we could be getting closer to Drew as WWE Champion. This week I really feel we got to see the real Drew. I am hyped to see more of this and so interested in his baby face run.

I liked seeing Ricochet in action, I really wish they would repackage him or give him a manager.

The Becky and Asuka contract signing was really good. It was simple they signed the contract then we got Asuka using the mist on Becky. Becky really sold that mist and cut an amazing promo. Really looking forward to this match.

Black vs. Murphy was another classic and the ending of Raw was even better. We got Buddy joining Seth Rollins and AOP. So hyped for next week.

I liked the start of Smackdown team hell no reuniting. I really love anything Daniel Bryan does and Kane is one of my favorite older wrestlers.

I liked the segments and match for Bayley vs. Lacey but not all for them pushing Lacey so much and having Bayley lose. Bayley doesn’t get enough credit for how good she is in the ring and how over she gets females that are green and not experienced.

I thought this was one of NXT’s better episodes in the last couple weeks. I really loved the main event women’s battle royal. I really feel all along Bianca should of been the one to beat Shayna but she won the battle royal so hopefully her and Rhea put on a good match. We haven’t had many wrestlers that have been so gifted coming into this sport and learn so fast. I compare Bianca to a Kurt Angle, she just caught on right away, like it was all meant to happen. She is unique, strong, a mega star and could really bring this women’s division to the next level and also show that not only white girls can be champions. She has it all and could help and be a role model for so many girls. The other match on NXT I super loved with Swerve vs. Lio vs. Tyler Breeze. This was an insane match, all men had chemistry and I loved Swerve taking the win. I was so hyped for Kushida and and Shelley teaming, thought they could really go all the way but they had them lose, wasn’t a fan of it.

The kickoff to the Royal Rumble has started and I got to say I really enjoyed all shows this week on WWE television.

On Raw we got Brock and anyone Brock is on a WWE TV you can expect star power. I am very interested in Brock being in the royal rumble match even as being champion. I hope they put his title on the line and whoever wins the royal rumble in the new WWE champion.

My favorite match on Raw was Andrade vs. Mysterio. These two are so damn good in ring and I would like to see more from these two. They have done a really good job getting fans to boo Andrade.

I really loved the tag team action on Raw, but I really thought they missed an opportunity with the new year. Putting it on Street profits would of made the crowd erupt and putting it on the OC would be a good way to show dominance of the OC.

We have been getting small promos and segments to build up Asuka and Becky. I think it could be built better and I was kind of confused with Becky thinking she can’t beat Asuka but cheap shots her. I would like them to bring up her tapping to Asuka more, but match should be good. I just wanted more of a build.

Absolutely love what they are doing with Rowan. We keep getting a little more and more to what is in his cage every week. I’m all for them making him a dominant star right now.

It was good to see Rollins back in action, but the whole Big Show is the surprise did nothing for me.

I thought the opening segment to Smackdown has been there best segment since going to fox. I loved the swerve of Morrison and Miz as baby faces and Morrison just chew up and throw it up at the crowd. Morrison is fire on the mic, I really loved this opening.

Kofi and Miz was an ok match, honestly wasn’t invested and would of loved Kofi vs. Morrison instead but it’s all about the build up. I really enjoyed it.

I do not hate every blonde that has ever wrestled but I do know there is this stereotype and expectation for women to be blonde, tan, tall, white with enhancements so when I see Bliss vs. Mandy It just gives me the divas era feeling and it doesn’t feel good. I do have to say I do like the storyline with Mandy and Otis. I think it’s cute.

Lacey is doing the babyface role very well and Bayley is doing the heel role very well. I’m down to see these two in a title match but I want Bayley to retain. I also liked Bayley’s promo with calling Lacey’s kid as a snot. I know Bayley has been given a lot of criticism but I have enjoyed her character as a heel. I like how she is emo, how she doesn’t care, how she is still doing her same amazing in ring wrestling. Bayley has always been very stiff and rough in the ring and it matches her heel character. Sasha will always have that swagger but I think Sasha losing last week helped Bayley. Bayley didn’t take the pin, Bayley is the champ and Bayley is letting Sasha take the hits for her. Just saying baby face Sasha vs. heel Bayley would be money.

I am not a fan of the Fiend but have to admit I love Daniel Bryan not being afraid and everything he is doing. I really want him to win at Royal Rumble but I know they wanna stick with the Fiend.

Braun defeating the IC champion Shinsuke is a good move. They haven’t been using Shinsuke right and it’s something for Braun to have and defend.

Loved Sheamus backstage promo, cannot wait to see more of him. This is how you elevate someone that was down to the next level. Get some wins, cut some good promos and embrace chaos.

Really loved the promo with Roman and the Usos. I am all for Roman winning the royal rumble, I think it would make a great story and an amazing moment for Roman. I would enjoy 2020 being Roman’s year and by the end of 2020 or 2021 you can go back to a Roman vs. Rollins main eventing mania or a big PPV.

I really enjoyed Raw and Smackdown a lot this week, but Wrestle Kingdom was really just that wrestling that had the psychology and emotion in their wrestling. Just got done with night one and my favorite matches were Will Ospreay vs. Takahashi and Okada vs. Kota. To be honest I haven’t watched NJPW in a year but watching wrestle kingdom that didn’t matter. Sure I missed some things but what NJPW did that AWE didn’t was introduce me to the characters and the changes. It was the most easy wrestling, well booked, amazing wrestling I have seen in a long time. It has that real fight feel along with the feeling that it is okay to have emotion and cry during a emotional moment or match.

I loved both Raw and Smackdown but Smackdown was the show for me this week. I loved the surprises we got, to end the show we got the Usos returning to help Roman and it looks like we are getting a tag team called the bloodline with Tamina who I would love to see more of. A Stable that has a female, now that is something I can get behind. We also had Sheamus returning to attack Shorty G. As much as I liked this return I did feel there was a better way to have him return. A surprise that I really liked though was John Morrison returning to Smackdown. I am so glad he is not going through NXT and this is great because he is with the Miz and Miz seems to be turning heel. So excited for this new story. The women opening the show I enjoyed and as much as Dana and Lacey have improved I didn’t like Sasha taking the pin and I am not excited for her losing to Lacey. I have liked the way Bayley has been booked and I really enjoyed her promo. I like Bayley and Sasha together as heels but I would like Bayley to be treated more like a store booking wise. I have liked the booking and I know it will never be perfect but just let Bayley be herself and use her ideas.

I also enjoyed Raw so let’s dig into what everyone has been complaining about but for some reason is getting great hits in the ratings. The wedding happened and this story may have it’s oh wow that happened or embarrassing moments for some but it’s been a consistent storyline, they haven’t give up on it. They keep adding to it and regardless if this was the plan or not, it’s working. I am a huge Liv Morgan fan and I did like her better with her pink hair and edgy character but I want Liv to have air time and to get a strong storyline so this personally works for me. Another thing on Raw I enjoyed was Randy Orton faking an injury and getting redemption on AJ. I like a baby face kinda doing a heel move, it was really well done and I am all for AJ vs. Randy Orton going into Mania. Street Profits defeating OC to be added into the match I am all for, but I would like OC to become new tag team champions next week, I would love OC to dominate like Undisputed Era does on NXT. As much as people love to hate on Charlotte, her and Natalya had an amazing match on Raw, it was my favorite match on the show. Would love to see Natalya turn heel or even Natalya and Charlotte as a tag team. Descent promo by Becky Lynch, I’m interested in seeing her vs. Asuka. I Just personally need more from Asuka lets bring more up, bring up that Becky tapped to her. I’m not sure how I exactly feel about Becky acting like she cannot beat Asuka but I am willing to roll with it. Last thing that I have been really loving is Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins and AOP have been dominating who they want and now we get Joe and Owens as a team which is also really intriguing, but the thing is I don’t want AOP and Rollins to lose, they need to remain strong with Rollins being the mouthpiece.

With AEW I have enjoyed what they have been doing with Jericho and Sammy, but it does really make me think if Revial doesn’t renew contract them and Jericho together would be legendary. I also think Darby is a star and shouldn’t be losing. I do like him in a Jeff Hardy underdog underground role, but in this generation fans aren’t patient enough for him to keep losing and remain that underdog. The women’s action is still disappointing to me and Britt continuing to lose is not something I understand at all. With that said I will give it a chance and keep watching because I enjoy watching all different kinds of wrestling.

I hope everyone had a great holiday week. Honestly the Holidays for me are always tough, but wrestling really cheered me up and kept me strong this week.

On Smackdown I really loved seeing the New Day tag with Braun against Cesaro, Shinsuke and Sami. I thought this was a really solid match and I really loved seeing Cesaro and New Day, they really are my favorites to watch on Smackdown. A good win for New Day but a little worried about Shinsuke losing recently. I would love to see Ali in the title picture if they aren’t taking Shinsuke seriously or even Cesaro.

I am enjoying the cute storyline with Mandy and Otis. Mandy doesn’t need to win matches to make this storyline work.

I really loved the main event. One of the more solid matches I have seen by the Miz in a long time. Really really enjoyed this match and the undeniable chemistry Daniel and the Miz have.

My favorite part of Smackdown was Bayley and Sasha owning it. I usually don’t like tag team rematches but this was perfect way to put Sasha and Bayley back in the dominant spotlight on Smackdown.

Lastly on Smackdown I loved seeing Roman just make spots and interferences with Corbin. I would really like Roman to win the Rumble but until then I am perfect fine with him making Corbin’s life a living hell.

Raw was pre taped and a lot of people looked and the spoilers and didn’t like the show. I never look at spoilers because I like the surprise and to watch the show without interruptions. Holiday shows are never amazing shows but I liked Raw for certain parts and developing stories for the Royal Rumble.

First of all I absolutely love love love love Rollins heel turn and everything he has been doing lately. I liked his match with Mysterio and I like his promos and him dominating with the AOP. For me Rollins has saved Raw, he has added that star feel as a heel.

I love Cedric so much and he put on a great wrestling match, but I really win they would give him some wins and buid him up.

Another thing I really loved on Raw was Becky Lynch cutting a really good promo on Asuka and not only cutting a great promo but speaking in Japanese to Asuka. This is already fired up, I cannot wait for this match at royal rumble. Becky has been fire this year regardless of her booking and this will elevate her even more. Really excited.

The OC got a much needed win with defeating Orton and the viking raiders. I would like to see the OC to keep getting more wins. AJ is a good heel to become champion along with Rollins later also.

I thought both shows were entertaining this week and added a lot to look forward coming this week.