I’ve been off social media and haven’t blogged in a while. The negativity towards wrestling really made me put everything on noise cancel. I did wanna talk about how much I loved wrestling this week and how I thought Smackdown had it’s best show in a very long time.

First I wanna start out with Raw. I absolutely loved Orton and Edge’s promo. Edge really explained a simple story in the promo of what grit really is, starting from the bottom, doing anything to get into this business. That grit is motivating him to beat one of the best Orton in a wrestling match. I thought this was put together so well.

Another deep storyline we got and we got this is just one night was Nia and Asuka creating a storyline on Raw and having it build up throughout the show. Both women put on a never forget match in NXT, and I believe they could have an amazing aggressive feud going forward.

Austin Theory got dumped from Zelina but found something way better! He joined the Messiah. I am really excited for this. Theory and Rollins is honestly a match I’ve always wanted to see, so I would love for him to learn from Rollins and them circling back to eachother later.

Drew is doing his best and for me the feuds haven’t exactly been there, but Lashley if they are going there is the perfect feud for him. I almost wonder if it would be better for Drew to lose, so he can win it back when they have fans.

I liked last weeks NXT way better but there was things on the show that added a lot to NXT. First of all Ciampa called out Kross and we are getting that match at takevover. Can we talk about how iconic Scarlet and Kross look from their entrance, to their attire, to their facials, they are gonna be stars.

Another thing I loved on NXT was the cruiserweight tournament, this right here is what has been making me love NXT the most out of all brands. If I could pick a winner, I would love Kushida to win it all.

Another really good match on NXT was Rhea vs. Io. I wish we could of got more!!! But good new is at takeover we get a triple threat with Charlotte. Charlotte has really been making her rounds, this girl bleeds WWE and no one can say otherwise.

I really was delighted by all shows this week, but if I had to pick one that was my favorite it would be Smackdown. No filler, all eyes glued to TV. The show started out with Miz and Morrison and I need this. I need a laugh and these guys did it for me. We got a match with Braun and now at backflash we will get Miz and Morrison vs. Braun for championship. Braun has been dominant but I’m not sure him as or not as champion has shown. I would be very interested in if Morrison and Miz won and how that would be booked.

Talking about 5 star matches all night. First we had Shinsuke vs. AJ which was really the match that I think everything fantasized about during their feud a year or two back. These two have always been good, they just need the time and they can show you it all. Another match I absolutely loved was Charlotte vs. Bayley. THis match was so damn good and Bayley getting the win was huge, she really needed this more than Charlotte. I love how we are still continuing story with Sasha and how Bayley wanted to win on her own. The seeds are planted and I love a slow burn feud.

Sonya got another pin on Mandy. I am so glad they are booking Sonya strong, she could have a Becky moment, you just never know. She has definitaly got it in her and has that bad ass energy.

Main event I loved. Jeff Hardy got the win against Shameus and we are getting Hardy vs Daniel next week. What a dream match and if Jeff can beat him he will face AJ which is what I am hoping for.

I hope everyone enjoyed all shows like I did this week. Sometimes you need to stay offline and find out what really matters to your heart. With that said when I was offline there were a lot of comments against Becky Lynch’s pregnancy. The main comment was from Jim Cornette and I’m glad Rollins shut that down and said he no longer respect him. I also saw many comments from fans today judging her for wanting children and how she will never come back the same and a lot of just sexist hateful comments. First of all she can do it all, second of all a women can change dreams, start new dreams and return to her dream anytime she wants to. Becky is a hero, an inspiration and just because a man can get a woman pregnant and still go back to work like nothing happens gives no one any right to say a woman can’t fight to get back to being even better than before. I will not accept anyone that thinks in such a sick way. I support Becky and respect her privacy during this time. It’s her and Rollins personal life, not ours. Let them be and stop judging not only a woman, but a couple that wants to start a family.

This week was the go home shows for Money In the Bank. I enjoyed all three shows this week and will dive deep into them all and my predictions for Money In The Bank.

I really liked the MVP lounge with Shayna, Nia and Asuka. It was simple, yet to the point and hyped up money in the bank. I like the way Shayna hasn’t been talking as much and all actions, I’ve liked Nia’s dominant return and my pick for MVP of these last 2 months has been Asuka, so much charisma.

So I’m such a sucker for gauntlet matches. I really loved it, I would of preferred Shelton in the place of Humberto but I really loved the match. Obviously my favorite part was AJ returning and winning it all. Great and fun match.

I like what they are doing with Seth and Drew. I actually like Seth by himself more. I liked Seth with authority and babyface 100 million times more, but I also can’t seem to look away with this character Seth has been doing.

I really liked the roll Cedric and Ricochet had been on but I also am a huge fan of Shane Thorn and interested in seeing more of him.

I really liked the match with Liv and Charlotte, Liv has really been showing us new moves every match she has. I really enjoyed this match.

I loved NXT this week more than any show. I am a huge mark for Dijakovik. He had a great match with Johnny. Johnny I never connected to honestly until now, I love his character change with Candice. I really am into it.

Scarlett and Cross debued and it was really awesome. I loved the entrance and I think they will be good on NXT. I don’t know that much about cross besides what he did in Impact but I am really excited to see what Scarlet can do and what kind of character this is.

Charlotte and Io started out really good. The ending made sense, but I would of preferred interference instead, it would of protected Io more. I did move the match and can’t wait for more.

I been love Cruiserweight tournament and can’t wait for more of this. Great in ring action and shows display of the athletes and a story behind them. NXT has some of the best storylines and characters in wrestling right now, for some reason when I watch NXT I forget there isn’t even a crowd, I’m just so mesmerized with the show.

I loved the start to Smackdown. The way it started with a segment hyping up the match and then bam a very intense match. I was really impressed by both Sonya and Mandy. I loved that Sonya got the win, I really loved everything about it and never thought I would be so invested into a storyline with Mandy. Great stuff.

Great tag team action on Smackdown, tag titles will be defended at MITB. I really love Lucha house party and would love them to win titles.

My favorite part of Smackdown was my Jeff Hardy. I loved Jeff Hardy’s promo, Shamous promo, their interaction and the hype. I am really excited for this feud.

Braun and Bray had a promo together and it was more of the same. We will see what happens Sunday.

I enjoyed Boss n hug connection vs. Tamina and Lacey. Bayley has been great with her heel trash talking, I smile every time. It truly is time for people to start talking about bayley in the discussion just like Sasha, Asuka and Charlotte as best in ring wrestler. She has been such a dominant champion and does the little things that make a match great. I do hate Bayley taking these pins in matches before PPV’s though.


Smackdown tag team championship: I am going with Lucha House Party because I want them to win the gold, but I do see them putting them back of Miz and Morrison.

Bayley vs. Tamina: I am going with my WWE match and sense Tamina pinned Bayley on Smackdown Bayley wins at MITB. I do hope they give us more tension with Sasha and Bayley, it seems it has been slowing down a little.

Rollins vs. Drew: I have this match ending in a new contest, a return or Drew pinning Seth. I just think both men should be protected so it’s a hard one, either way I see Drew winning.

Braun vs Bray: Somehow I have Braun winning.

Women’s MITB: Nia. This match need desperatly to give someone to chase Becky. Becky’s feuds just have not been great, she needs some competition.

Men’s MITB: I don’t feel like Braun and Bray is going to end anytime soon. I am taking AJ Styles to win MITB and be the heel that stocks Drew.

There has been so much negativity in the wrestling community lately. When the only thing you love people try to shoot down, it is hard to swallow and endure. The product is doing it’s best and WWE is really doing everything to entertain us and get our mind of things, but fans, social media and even some of the wrestlers are polished with so much negative takes. For me personally it has been so hard to focus on Raw and Smackdown. This week I saw some people put up videos of the live sex celebration with Lita and Edge. I just tweeted that Lita deserved more respect than people posting that video and calling her names. I had 100’s of likes and retweets and many replies that were very horrible words addressed towards me. I was called a whore for supporting Lita and that no one should ever be forgiven for cheating and that I will go to hell for supporting her. It really got to me and I just was questioning why I even have social media, a phone, the internet if it is destroying my only love, my only happiness, wrestling. My heart wants to support all wrestling so bad, but when AEW takes shot at WWE and tragic things they are going through, that wrestlers are going through it makes me bitter, angry, not want to support them. We are in a tough time that regardless of how big of a company you are, you are losing money, losing employees, it so depressing and rough. Wrestling needs to be there to lift us up, not bring us down. I really want all these companies to succeed and make wrestling stronger. Impact is doing such a great job with Tessa, Eddie Edwards, Taya and so many more. AEW is building there women’s division and doing their best work with the women’s division, the independents and trying their best to promote streaming services and pro wrestling tees to help out the wrestlers and WWE is giving us these shows with continued storylines to get our minds off this world. WWE will always be my first love, but I truly want all wrestling to make it, to be stronger than before.

My favorite part of wrestling has been the Candice’s new character in NXT, Jinder returning, Rollins and Drew starting a feud and also the feud with Sasha and Bayley starting up. There may not be much happening as of right now, but these small characters changes and storylines even if it’s just 30 seconds fill my heart with hope and happiness.

Everyone please take care, have faith and hold onto the good. Hold onto wrestling, remember wrestling never divorces you, it will always be there for you.

Wrestlemania was truly a therapeutic weekend for me. We had storylines ending and some beginning. I will dive into all of the matches that happened on the shows this week and talk about my highspots and botches.

I enjoyed Smackdown the most out of all the shows this week. I thought Braun and Shinsuke started out the night good and I thought Braun looked very strong on this episode as he should, he’s our new champion. It was a good segment to create our main event.

We had a shorter, but still solid match between Kari, Asuka against Bliss and Cross. Alexa Bliss always got a lot of shit with her feuds with Sasha, Bayley and Nia in the past, but she has always been a good believable character. I’m not sure how I feel about Cross yet, I feel like she hasn’t met her character yet. I would love Asuka and Kari back into singles action and I would love them both on Smackdown. Solid match, correct team won but not interested in Mella and Dana as a team and even if so they need to prove why they deserve a shot.

I liked the storyline with Ziggler and Otis, but I felt after Wrestlemania it should of ended. No longer interested in this story and Mandy would be a great manager for heavy machinery.

The dirt sheets segment was funny to me. To me Morrison is one of the most creative minds. It got us to a match that will happen next week, so I’m all for it. I love all three of these tag teams.

We will see what the Forgotten Sons do on Smackdown, not sure how I feel about them yet.

Solid match with Bray and Shinsuke and interesting appearance by Bray. Bray and Braun could be a good story, but not sure how I feel about putting title back on Bray and Braun losing right away and if a story can be executed well. What I honestly want to see the most in the future is a Bray and Jeff Hardy storyline. Jeff has such an amazing creative mind as well as Bray, I really would trust them to make magic

The segment with Sasha and Bayley was very well done. When they started talking and cutting a promo I was like oh wow maybe they aren’t gonna pull the trigger on these two they are back to owning Smackdown and being best friends. Then Sasha’s facials and Bayley putting Sasha in a match against Tamina said it all. This may be a tease and slow turn but this is already way better when they tried to do it on Raw. I am so excited for this and I will wait forever for these two to get the perfect story that they deserve.

Raw was not my favorite show and it did seem like it was a lot of recap and not much story, but I am fine with that. I am so blessed and happy I am getting any wrestling at all. My favorite match was the first one, Liv and Asuka hitting it off in the ring. I would love a detailed storyline with these two, and this is the perfect opponent for Liv. Liv has always been good in ring to me and she is still improving every match I watch her in. Really hoping to see more of Liv in the future.

I loved that we officially have Bianca on Raw. She is a mega superstar and I am totally cool with her being stuck with Street Profits until they are ready to build her up on Raw. This was a descent match and it got over the right wrestlers.

A match that I really thought was good was Apollo and Black. These two had an amazing match and it showed how good Apollo still is and always has been. One reason I did like parts of Raw is we got to see wrestlers we don’t usually see.

Ever since they faced each other on main event I said I wanted these two as a tag team and now it is happening. Street Profits vs. Ricochet and Cedric screams tag team wrestling main eventing a PPV. I am really excited to see what they can do. I would have Street Profits with Bianca had a good storyline with Cedric, Ricochet and Ember Moon. It can be two babyfaces or one of the teams can turn heel. I do think Street Profits as heels would be interesting.

We had a couple squash matches and Drew facing Big Show which was a better match then the one against Brock. Good close to the show and hopefully we get some storylines developing in the next couple weeks.

NXT was a very solid show, I can understand how they won the ratings over AEW. I still have to catch up on the beginning of the show, I missed the first hour but oh boy Io vs. Charlotte sounds like a show stealer.

I watched the main event and really liked it. I saw the same negative feedback that Edge and Orton got for their match and I didn’t really understand it. I was entertained by the spots and thought the ending was epic. I don’t think Candice should be a heel but at the same time it may add another layer to her character.

Wrestlemania Night 2

WWE truly gave us something to get our minds of what’s going on in this crazy world. I enjoyed both nights and thought WWE really was creative and unique with their shows this weekend. I went into night 1 on Sunday so would like to dive into night 2 today.

One of the better pre show matches we have got in recent memory was Liv defeating Natalya. I would like to see Natalya turn heel and for Liv to really get someone to work with. This girl has so much passion for the wrestling business and works so hard, I can see her being a huge star. When they reboot her being blonde I really didn’t get that because to me her personality matches the girl with pink hair, the edgy girl now the girl next door.

For me personally opening matches that are long and a story I am not invested into is hard for me. I think Charlotte is one of the most natural gifted athletes, her and Bianca are the next Kurt and Brock. They are so gifted, but with that said I was not invested into the storyline of Rhea and Charlotte. I never saw Rhea on Charlotte’s level. Charlotte may be the greatest of all time and she should be treated as such. Sure this may up NXT’s ratings or give us some dream matches, but Charlotte belongs on Raw or Smackdown and belongs at the top. She is above most and I honestly didn’t see a problem with her handling Rhea.

There was two matches personally for me that I didn’t see in night 1. Night 1 for me didn’t have any filler but Otis and Ziggler I expected more out of and Lashley vs. Black had no story and no reasoning for me to care. The Otis story was good, but I felt Mandy went to rescue Otis too soon and this didn’t need to be on Wrestlemania. Also raw tag team championships was kinda a short match with no story, but we did get Bianca debuting. I am so hyped for this. I am a huge Bianca fan and really feel this can be the 2.0 team extreme.

Twitter gave Edge and Orton so much heat for their match at Wrestlemania. People said it was too long and the most boring match in history, I disagree. They were trying to be creative, sure they could of made it shorter, but this was their creative idea, their decision and I appreciated it. I liked how they traveled to different rooms and how much they expressed the beating. At times I seriously thought one of them died. I hope this story continues.

The Smackdown women’s championship was my favorite in ring wrestling match of night 2. I was invested into this story, I thought they told the story perfectly with Sasha/Bayley. Just little touches here and there but no full turn at all. I really do like it and I would love it if it was Bayley turning on Sasha instead, it would be such a swerve and they could really show some of that footage when Sasha was gone, how she fell out of love of wrestling. They could make it personal and real, it could be really good.

The best comedy angle in forevers was the firefly funhouse match, I laughed so damn hard. Cena and Bray put all the creative juices into this along with creative I am sure, it was what everyone needed at a time like this. Probably my favorite part of night 2.

I’m sure everyone has their opinions, but I actually didn’t want Drew to win. I wanted Brock to beat Drew and for the story to continue. We have seen the same story so many times now, someone defeats Brock at Wrestlemania and uses all their finishing moves over and over again until they pin Brock. I felt this story could of continued and that Drew winning it in front of the crowd would of meant way more.

Wrestlemania Night 1

So many people criticized, complained, doubted but WWE pulled of a beautiful historical night. We had Wrestlemania moments and jaw dropping performances. I will match by match for night 1.

Cesaro and Gulak had a shot match, but I was happy to see Cesaro get the win. I would love for Cesaro to turn babyface and have a feud with Sami.

I thought the women absolutely killed it tonight. I really sensed some energy of Kabuki Warriors that they were gonna lose. I’m not sure what it was, but I really felt it for some reason. It also felt like Bliss and Nikki really badly wanted it more. This was a fantastic match, one of the best women’s tag matches since Sasha and Bayley were holding them. Really happy for these ladies.

Elias and Corbin just wasn’t a match for me. It’s too bad that Elias cannot get oer as a babyface, I always thought his gimmick matched a heel perfectly. Corbin needs a good babyface to work with like a Daniel Bryan. This match did feel like the bathroom break match unfortunately.

My favorite in ring match of the night was Shanya and Becky. I wanted Becky to win, to show that just because you are trained in MMA doesn’t mean you are ready or better than a pro wrestling. Shayna really showed that she can go and hang with Becky and out of know where these two had amazing chemistry. I know there was a lot of backflash, but I’m willing to wait for the story they will give this. I think it would be cool for Becky to take out all 4 horsewomen and maybe rewind back into Ronda again. I also would love some NXT call ups. People can hate Becky all they want but she is not forced or over pushed she has been carrying Monday Night Raw. I see the story continuing and I’m looking forward to it.

Sami and Daniel was an alright match, I do see why they wanna keep title on Sami but I also thought it would of been a good moment for Daniel. Ending wasn’t for me.

Owens and Rollins was my second favorite in ring match of the night, Rollins and Owens really worked their asses off. If there was a crowd for this one, it would of been most over in ring match. Really really enjoyed this one.

Braun beating Goldberg was what it needed to be. It’s too bad the guy that didn’t take the fiend down was Braun, it would of been incredible story but it doesn’t matter how we got there Braun is finally the champion. So happy for Braun.

WOWOWOWOWOWOWO that bonecard match is my favorite match in general in a very very long time. AJ and Undertaker deserve all the praise in the world for this match. It felt like a movie, but also felt so real. The chemistry and story these two had in this match seriously amazed me. I loved it.

Wrestlemania Predictions

I know a lot of fans have had their opinions about WWE continuing with Wrestlemania but personally for me wrestling is my escape and I am blessed WWE is till putting a show on for us. I will go over every match that is planned so far and give my predictions.

Otis vs. Ziggler: I have actually liked this storyline and that mainly has to do with me liking Otis and his character. I would love to see Otis win here and maybe just not be interested in Mandy anymore. Being desperate for the girl is not really sympathetic for most fans, but I see it more going the way of Mandy helping Otis. Going with Otis to beat Zigs here.

Elias vs. Corbin: Corbin has been a good heal this year, but since going to Smackdown he has been in a losing streak situation. I am taking Corbin to get the win against Elias.

Black vs. Lashley: I am taking Black to get a win. It’s sad that Lashley has ever got his feud with Brock with that being the whole reason he came back, but Black is someone they seem to be pushing right now, taking Black.

Smackdown tag team championship: This is a match that I could steal the show. A ladder match with Usos, Miz/Morrison and New Day.

Raw tag team championship: Street Profits were on fire when winning title but ever since they haven’t really had a feud. Andrade and Garza are great individually but as a tag team it’s not something I see. I see street profits retaining.

Sami vs. Daniel: I love Sami and hope for him to get more titles in the future, but I see this being Daniel’s moment.

Owens vs. Rollins: I love watching Seth Rollins and a month ago I would of said I love these two wrestling but the feud I’m not for. That changed on Monday. I loved Rollins promo and bringing up FCW. I do see Owens beating Owens and hopefully Rollins remaining a heel but going in a different direction without AOP and Murphy.

Undertaker vs. AJ Styles: This may be the best story in pro wrestling. I have never seen AJ cut such perfect and amazing promos ever. This has brought the best out of AJ and even though I’m sure they are going to have Taker win, having AJ win would put him back in that main event level. I am going with Taker though.

Smackdown women’s championship: This is the match I am most excited for. Sasha and Bayley are my favorite wrestlers and we get the return of Tamina and Trin continuing her story with Bayley. Smackdown women’s division is stacked and I cannot wait for the storytelling in this match. I am going with Bayley retaining.

NXT women’s championship: I like that Rhea is different, but personally I just cannot connect with her. Her matches haven’t really invested me in any way and the story makes NXT look kinda weak in my opinion. Bianca and Charlotte would of been so much better. With that said I have never seen a bad Charlotte match so I’m sure it will deliver. I would like to see Charlotte win to just shock the world and piss of social media, but I do see Rhea winning.

Becky vs. Shayna: I liked Shayna a lot, I just wish they let her be herself like how she was in NXT. Some of her promos feel forced and the caked make up is not a good look for her. For a character the be believable they need to be themselves and not fabricated. I don’t see Shayna taking the title off Becky, even though I really hope she does. Becky has a great character, but I loved straight fire Becky better because of the chase, the sympathy. Becky being cocky doesn’t match her character, it doesn’t feel like herself. The only feuds I personally have been invested with her this year was Natalya and Sasha. This of course isn’t all Becky’s fault and I’m sure she has put input in, but Shayna having the title would give it something new and we could have underdog Becky again.

Cena vs. Fiend: I love Cena and am so excited he is back, I see Cena putting Bray over and having a really good story match. Cena is one of the best at getting someone over and telling a story in the ring and Bray is very creative. If anyone can get the Fiend over again, it’s Cena. This should be entertaining, taking Bray to beat Cena.

Edge vs. Orton: This is another one that could so steal the show. Orton and Edge have great chemistry and the storyline has been one of those you really wish you had crowd interaction in, but it’s been really really good. I am taking Edge to beat Orton.

Universal championship: Roman is rumored to be out of the match or else I would choose Roman to beat Goldberg. Rumor is it will be Braun going up against Goldberg in that case I would prefer Braun winning title, but I see Goldberg going over in that situation. I’m not sure if there is heat for Roman not competing, which would be just ridiculous because it’s a life or death situation especially with his health. I would save Roman vs. Goldberg for Summerslam and give Roman his redemption moment then.

Brock vs. Drew: These two work so good together and as much as I want Drew to win, I feel Brock winning and continuing story with Drew until Summerslam would be better for the story. I do see Drew beating Brock though at Mania.