It has been an amazing 5 days of pro wrestling. I really loved war games and I thought Survivor Series was the PPV of the year. I also thought Monday Night Raw was the greatest in months.

At war games my favorite match was the women’s war games match and I thought the men extremely delivered too but damn that Kai turn was just everything. I know how over Becky Lynch is but Rhea, IO and Kai are on such fire right now, you never know if they go to Smackdown or Raw they may take over. Really solid NXT Takeover, an easy and amazing show to watch.

Like I said, I really enjoyed Survivor Series. My favorite match was Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunn. This match really surprised me, it was a match that I just was making some pizza rolls then I stopped eating and really got into the match. I know Adam Cole and Pete can go but I wasn’t expecting all the storytelling in the match and being so invested. I really loved it. I also really liked the women’s Survivor Series 5 on 5. I liked that Sasha was the last one in there with Rhea but I would of preferred faster eliminations and more time with those two. I am a huge Daniel Bryan fan and I actually enjoyed his match with the fiend. Really thought it was a good way of getting the fiend over while not squashing Daniel.

An amazing weekend of wrestling continued for me while watching Monday Night Raw. Seth Rollins did what no one thought would happen for a long time, people thought Vince was too stubborn but that was all wrong. Rollins turned heel and oh my I loved the way he turned. He didn’t come out telling all the fans he hates them, he told the wrestlers they were losers and just went twitter seth rollins on monday night raw. It was really a great promo and a good match with Owens. We even got a twist ending with AOP not attacking ROllins but attacking KO. Will be interesting to see if we get an alliance next week.

A storyline many haven’t enjoyed but really delivered with the Rusev/Lashley/Lana storyline. I really think they got something here and we can get a good TLC match out of it.

Andrade got another win this week on Raw, they are really putting him in the position to become a champion and with Mysterio winning United States champion we can finally get this feud.

I really liked Asuka vs. Charlotte but I really feel Charlotte has been losing too much. I really hope we get Asuka vs. Becky for the championship soon because Becky has felt off since Wrestlemania for me.

I am watching NXT right now and am really enjoying. So I first turned on AEW and saw the Chris Jericho appreciation, I really didn’t enjoy the promo it felt WWE esque which I don’t want in AEW. Then I saw some matches that went long and didn’t have any stakes so I turned to NXT. I really really loved Dakota vs. Candice and I loved how touch and heelish Kai is being. I would or preferred Kai squashing someone but we can have a story with Candice that Kai wins. We also had a great opening match to open NXT. Dijokovic is really becoming a wrestler I am becoming a huge fan of.

Lio Rush and Tozawa had a really great match, it was the match of the night on NXT for me. Lio is on such fire right now, he needs to keep this title and just keep fighting new opponents.

Really great promo by Shayna and amazing promo by Rhea. These two are huge stars and it’s gonna be a killer match. These two are bigger than Becky Lynch right now. These two are the hottest females in wrestling on the mic and in right and nothing feels more real and bad ass them then two.

It has been an amazing packed week of wrestling and we have two more days in a row of it left. I am really excited for War Games and Survivor Series. I will be giving my predictions at the end of my blog.

Charlotte and Becky defeated the IIconics in a short match. It does feel they are teasing 4 horsewomen vs 4 horsewomen eventually. The attack was alright, but Becky saying she doesn’t care about brand vs brand really took me out of the night. Last year she was such fire for standing up for Smackdown and now she is saying it doesn’t matter.

My favorite singles match of the week was Andrade vs. Seth Rollins, I really enjoyed this match and I was fine with the DQ with not wanting any man to lose. The interference of Lucha House part was not for me, I would of liked to see Roman.

I am very interested in what Rowan has in the cage. It’s a story with a tease. I would like him to have rats or some animal that he gives to his gimmick. I am very interested.

I thought Mysterio’s promo was really good and I am so invested that I want Rey to really win on Sunday.

Show of the week so far for me was NXT. I really loved the way they started it with Becky Lynch. Personally if I was booking it, I would of had it start off with Bayley and Sasha, the heart of NXT. I did like Becky’s promo and I noticed she did stumble a little bit with the boos and she did have a great match with Rhea.

The match of the year candidate for me was Revival vs. Undisputed era. Oh my god, this match was amazing. Revival do not get enough credit for how damn good they are. Highspots are cool but I love my wrestling with lots of selling and a detailed story in ring. This was my match of the year candidate for a tag team match. I really makes me wish they would of never took the belts off them.

Dakota Kai had a good match the Kaylee Ray. She did lose but I am hoping we will be getting a story with Kai soon going up against Shayna. There is a good story there to still tell.

Really loved the ending of NXT with Seth Rollins showing up. It makes me want Rollins vs Ciampa so much more.

With Smackdown I really loved the start of it and then it just went a little down hill for me. I liked how Roman, Corbin are all talking about how they are gonna beat everyone while arguing and opening the doc doors for NXT and Raw to invade. What I love even more was Sasha stepping up and saying us girls will get it done, now stop fighting men. It was great and I really thought Sasha stole the night with her two promos. Match between Sasha, Charlotte and Rhea was alright, but I really just enjoyed Sasha’s promo more.

I do like how they brought in Daniel Bryan’s and Bray’s past. My main issue is there is no story so I wish they would of told this one better before Sunday. I do love everything Daniel does and his promos have been fire, way more intriguing than the fiend. I really want Daniel to beat the Fiend on Sunday.

I liked Bayley getting the upper hand on Shayna and this match I am the most looking forward to.

I thought the invasion angle was cool, they did something different while trying to recreate the DX invasion. I liked it. I give them a B for there Survivor series development. I really wish we knew all the teams right away and it was just those guys invading. It’s too much when it’s everyone just brawling, it’s just too much for me. With that said it will be a great weekend.


Team Rhea VS. Team Blaszer: I’m taking team Shayna and for Shayna’s next story to be with Becky Lynch. It would be cool if she threw title in the trash and went to Raw, but I have a feeling she will just show up on Raw after.

Team Ciampa VS. Undisputed Era: I am taking team Ciampa. Ciampa has recently returned and he needs something to keep him over, I see team Ciampa winning this one.

Riddle VS. Finn: I am taking Finn. I don’t see what the big deal is with Riddle but I could see Riddle more used on Raw then on NXT. Taking Finn for this.

Priest vs. Dain vs. Dunn: It may be early to some but I feel Damien Priest is ready to be in the main event.


AJ VS. Shinsuke VS. Strong: The OC have been losing a lot and AJ needs something to make people remember why he came to WWE, who he is and why is one of the greatest in ring wrestlers ever.

Mens– NXT VS RAW VS SD: I’m taking team Raw. I could be wrong with this, but I don’t see Rollins, Owens, Drew or Orton taking a pin right now.

Womens–NXT VS RAW VS SD: They have been really hyping up the NXT women’s division, I see them sweeping house.

Viking Raiders VS. New Day. VS. Undisputed Era: I was going to take Undisputed era but they won on Smackdown. I am going to go with Viking Raiders dominating.

Daniel Bryan VS. Fiend: As much as I want Daniel Bryan to be the champion, I know they are going to stick with the Fiend.

Mysterio VS. Brock: I feel we need something new on Raw. I am going with Mysterio becoming new WWE champion.

Shayna VS. Becky VS. Bayley: As much as I want Bayley to win I see them giving Becky the win over Bayley and this turning into Becky VS Shayna going into Wrestlemania.

We had Raw pre taped this week from when they were over in the UK and a solid NXT with lots of build up suspense along with one of my favorite ladder matches ever.

I didn’t think Raw was a horrible show, I just thought it had a lot of filler with not much story and character base. My favorite match on Raw though was Asuka and Kari defeating Charlotte and Becky. Not going to lie I am really over seeing Charlotte and Becky paired together but was good seeing Asuka pin Becky again and all together was a really fantastic match with potential of a good Asuka and Becky storyline. I did also like Bayley getting the last word on Becky with the invasion.

With Sin Cara recently asking for his release was deeply looking into this match and paying attention. Drew pretty much dominated Sin Cara with not much offense received. Drew I do feel they see is the next wrestler to be pushed in the main event spot. The thing with Drew is he has the body and the look but his personality, character and mic skills are duller than paint drying on the wall. Drew needs something.

I really loved Rollins promo and really got into his match with Walter. I really wish WWE would push away from DQ’s there is other ways to do this. I am very annoyed and disappointed by the fan reaction towards Rollins. Rollins is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world, in ring not many can compete with him. I think fans just like rebelling against Vince and if they hear Vince likes a guy they hate him, like CEna and Roman. Its sick and sad, more things in this world to get mad and argue about than that.

I like the partnering of Orton and Ricochet but oh boy the OC has been losing way too much lately.

Andrade and Cedric had a good match, I really wanted it to last longer though. I am so high on Cedric and really want to see him get some wins here soon.

For me personally NXT was the show of the week for me. Top to bottom very solid show. I have AEW 5 weeks to impress me and it didn’t, there PPV full gear didn’t impress me either. I do not see solid storylines and reasons to invest into AEW. I am someone that needs to be introduced into characters and stars a big thing to me. I need those larger than life characters. From beginning of show to end NXT is what makes me happy, it is what I enjoy the most. Everyone has a different taste and that’s the beautiful thing about it. Lio Rush and Angel Garza put on one of the greatest matches I have seen in a long time maybe the greatest all year. The chemistry, selling, movesets and uniqueness in this match was really everything, cannot say enough about these two and about this match. Also ending with Angel’s foot on the ropes for the 3 count. This will continue and I like how they booked it a lot.

I liked the way Finn Balor ut his promo and called out wrestlers for being boys and being on social media, it was really good and really 100% true. The business has lost its way, some like to say evolve but you don’t take on the ingredients out of a recipe and expect it still to taste good. The match between Finn and Matt Riddle will be good but I just cannot get into Riddle on a character level.

Really enjoyed Keith Lee getting the win against Strong and hopefully getting a potential championship match. Really big on Lee.

Swerve Scott and good hard working match with Reed. I really would like to see Reed get some wins eventually, hes a big guy that is very talented. I do also really like Swerve Scott formerly known as Shane Strickland. Been following him for a while now.

One guy I am super becoming a fan of is Damien Priest. From his character, to his wrestling to his look, I am hooked to this guy. Him interfering with Dunne and Daine is great, I really wanna see a triple threat between these guys.

The entire night we had a huge build up of suspense on who was attacking the women’s locker room and it was my girl Bayley. I loved it, I wish they had more time, but I loved Bayley invading NXT.

The last thing I wanna talk about with NXT is bless and respect to Mia Yim. Her Ladder match with Lo was amazing. It was my favorite women’s ladder match including the money in the bank matches. It was really really good and oh my god if you didn’t watch please do. This match I recommend for everyone. Mia got busted open by a drop kick to ladder from Lo and pushed from a ladder onto another ladder, girl is touch as they come. All together it was a perfect match.

I as giving Corbin a chance to be a good heel but this promo and story making fun or Roman and barking is so cringe and not even funny or entertaining. I did like Roman helping Ali and Shorty G keeping their spot on the survivor series team.

Fiend has a new belt and it doesn’t look much different, not a fan of it.

Gulak is one of my favorite wrestles, but I don’t like them having Braun squash him in the past. I do like the idea of him managing or helping the B Team just think they need to keep Braun out of it.

Really good segment with Daniel Bryan, Sami, Shinsuke. Even though I wanted Daniel to join the team, I am very for Daniel as a babyface. Really my favorite segment of Smackdown. We do get a little suspense when Daniel said go ask Braun and maybe Braun with them would be interesting. Would like a big team with Sami, CEsaro, Shinsuke and someone else. Very interested.

Really great tag team action between Revival and New Day. Would really love a long feud between these two tag teams. I love watching them wrestle. Kofi and Big E are so amazing together, I never want new day to break up. The NXT invasion was good, they attacked the tag teams instead of last year when everyone just attacked each other. I like survivor series and the build but would like more storyline added.

Really really liked how the women’s NXT invasion went. I liked how WWE females held their own over NXT. I also like how it went into tag team action. Sasha and Bayley are such stars. Bayley really is my favorite heel in the wrestling business right now. Reminds me of retro heel Eddie. Hating to be at the shows, hating wrestling, hating fans, just emo and wanting the money. Really loving what Bayley is doing. Great tag team match with NXT VS Smackdown girls. Kai took the pin and Nikki pinned her, was a descent match but the NXT girls really did miss spots and looked a little lost in the match. Could tell Mia were carrying them.

Really loved Miz TV. Daniel saying Miz TV sucks haha I always felt this. I liked how Daniel used his mentally unstable and that’s why Fiend is going after him. I really cannot take the firefly funhouse seriously, I just wanna see Daniel Bryan as champ.

I thought Raw and Smackdown were both good shows this week. We are going in the right direction with storytelling and characters as we head into Survivor Series.

I thought the start of Raw was the best start of a wrestling show this week. I really enjoyed Brock being Brock and looking like a badass and I really really enjoyed Mysterio attacking Brock with a bat and making the beat down look really realistic. I appreciate the effort in the storytelling. You can tell this was planned. You had Brock attack Mysterio and his son then when Cain couldn’t get the job done, Mysterio goes in for himself. This storyline I am the most invested in and can’t wait and am really hoping Mysterio becomes champion.

Last week I liked Charlotte and Natalya as a tag team, but this past week Charlotte acted more like a heel and I didn’t feel the chemistry between them. This is something I would build to for them winning tag team champions, not just take it off Asuka and Kari right now.

Buddy and Cedric had a fine match, not the best of their matches but I liked how they gave them time. I really hope they have something planned for Cedric because he is such a star to me and one of my favorites to watch in ring.

I really liked Triple H and Seth Rollins promo about if Seth will join NXT or not. I liked that we had a match between Cole and Rollins, but what I would of liked better is if Rollins would of joined team NXT and then after Survivor Series had a program with Cole.

The backstage promo with Becky Lynch and Shayna was flawless. Both looked like stars and right now to me Shayna looks more bad ass than Becky, and Charlotte combined

We had some other tag team matches on Raw, but there was no storyline really attached to it, what I would call filler. Raw was really good with storytelling and certainly had great moments but I am still looking for that show where we don’t have that filler added in.

Smackdown was my favorite show of the week though with all that said. Smackdown really has been the show for me since they moved to Fox. I am not a Corbin fan and I really don’t get people thinking he looks like a star. I thought Corbin in NXT as the biker guy looked like a star but not this guy. With that said his promo was great and it was a good start to Smackdown. Corbin beating Roman was also a big surprise and this is what I have been loving about Smackdown is non predictable.

Got a really cool surprise and amazing tag team action with New Day becoming new tag team champions. I really liked this move, first of all New Day is amazing, second of all Kofi deserves this and I loved commentary playing up that also and lastly I have the softest part in my heart for Xaiver Woods, I love they did this for him.

Tyson and Braun possibly as a tag team screams money to me. This is the spot you put Braun in until they actually pull the trigger as his as champion.

We did have two filler matches that didn’t have story but did good for the talent. Shinsuke and Cesaro defeating Ali and Shorty G. This was a good match and I am very interested in the Daniel Bryan and Sami storyline, but with Fiend attacking DB I am just so interested in where this is going. With that said Ali, Cesaro and Shorty G are just kinda there with nothing to do and I want these guys to have something. The other filler was Dana and Mella defeating Fire and Desire. To me fire and desire is dying out and having them lose every time they are on TV is not helping at all. There was a point where I thought Mandy was the next one they would be pushing, but that turned to be Lacey instead. I am a huge Dana fan and am glad she got to show off her talent. Carmella to me is a better heel but she still works good regardless.

My favorite match maybe wasn’t the best match of the night but I got to see my two favorites Sasha and Bayley. I thought Bayley was great on commentary and I thought Sasha looked like the biggest star in the company coming out to that Snoop Dogg remix for her entrance. Sasha looked good and got the win against Nikki and I loved that. Sasha always adds more moves to her moveset and I respect that. That girl never settles, always ups her game. I could of done without the ending of Shayna attacking Bayley again, this just happened last week and I am curious why she hasn’t attacked Becky yet. There is a lot to look forward to coming this Monday and Friday.

This week I only watched WWE and I found myself less stressed. I really feel what it comes down to is watch what you love and if you have to skim and skip through matches or segments that don’t interest you that is okay. Everyone is worried about ratings, but really it is perfectly fine to keep stuff on demand and watch when you desire. For me that has been the key to enjoying wrestling and not being critical, annoyed and overwhelmed by wrestling.

Raw was mainly setting up Crown Jewel which I didn’t watch, so Raw wasn’t my favorite show this week but it had its moments. You cannot say they aren’t trying with storytelling because we have had the Lana/ Rusev and Lashley storyline that has been developing. It may not be everyone’s cup of yea, but I am giving it a chance.

What I really did like about Raw was the women’s action. I loved how Kabuki Warriors turned on Paige, it really helped add heat to their heel motives. I thought the Becky and Kari match was fine and I loved Kari’s new look. For me Becky is just there, I know she is still over with the fans but the only really solid match she has had all year was against Sasha. I guess I am just more intrigued by bad ass Shayna over bad ass becky.

I am very interested in this story with Andrade and Cara. Cara had a woman come down to the ring with him a Luchadore, I am very interested in what she can be doing with Cara.

I really loved Rollins VS Rowan on Raw also, I thought Rollins looked so great. Unfortunately Rollins did lose at Crown Jewel. I know a lot of people are happy the Fiend won, he’s over but he just doesn’t click for me. I hope they have a plan for Rollins and keep him away from Fiend.

The rest of Raw was really filler matches that had no storyline or anything to them. We had good matches but nothing at stake.

On the other hand, Smackdown was my favorite show of the week not only my favorite but favorite Smackdown all year long. Gotta say unscripted WWE with Paul and HHH running the show is the best, no one can compete with that.

We had Paul Heyman cut an incredible promo to start the show off and it all was a great way to get Brock on Raw with Bray on SD now with the Universal championship. Paul calling the fans bitches and screw fox was so damn good.

So many good matches on Smackdown tonight my favorite has to be one of my favorite in ring wrestlers Daniel Bryan against another amazing in ring wrestler Adam Cole. Amazing match and I loved how all these matches had an ending, none ended in no contest.

Another matches and even more so storyline I liked was Nikki losing to Bayley. Bayley looked really good and used her old finisher when she was in the independents and I loved it. After the match Shayna attacked her, Nikki and Sasha. Shayna looked great, she looks like an actual bad ass, not someone just playing one on TV.

Ciampa and Miz went head to head on the mic together and in ring. I thought match was descent but the promo work was hands down amazing. Another example if you let them just talk and do their own promos how beautiful it can be.

I liked how Rea and Teagan destroyed Fire and Desire. I don’t know if it’s just me but Mandy and Sonya together has really ran it’s course. I think it was appropriate for them to get handled like that.

All together great week for wrestling. I’ve watched clips of crown jewel but haven’t watched the full PPV yet. I just have to say how proud, and emotional and very happy I am that Natalya and Lacey got to for the first time ever wrestle in Saudi Arabia. This should be a huge deal to everyone and is to me. Making history, making respect and giving those that cannot express and speak what this means hope. It was truly beautiful and emotional and I am so proud of Natalya. She is the women’s evolution and everything to women’s wrestling. She deserved that moment.

HIAC predictions, FOX premiere, AEW, NXT and Hulk Hogan thoughts

I hope everyone has had a good week and is excited for hell in a cell tomorrow. The week has been packed an I am honestly exhausted. We had Raw, AEW, NXT, Smackdown and now hell in a cell tomorrow. I thought Raw started out hot, I liked AEW’s first match on the card and Riho winning first women’s title, I loved all of NXT and my favorite show of the week was Smackdown.

I really liked the start to Raw with Brock destroying Rey and his Son. The storytelling here was good and it gave me more to look forward to, it left suspense for me because I knew there had to be a story.

I liked that Sasha Banks got a solid win over Alexa Bliss, but I like these two in the past and would of liked a longer match.

Miz TV was setup for team Hulk VS Team Flair. I thought the setup and promo was good, Flair can talk better than anyone on that roster. I am just not a fan of Hulk on TV, WWE promoting and uses Hulk. If Hulk would give even an apology to the Universe or the wrestlers without blaming everyone but himself for saying insensitive, horrible, racists comments I would be more forgiving. With him using excuses and saying he is sorry for how it happened but not taking responsibility for his actions is very hurtful and frustrating.

My favorite match on Raw was AJ VS. Cedric. I know Cedric has lost all of his matches with AJ but I would really love another time added to hell in a cell. These two just have that in ring chemistry and I really love watching them wrestle. Cedric is one of my favorite wrestlers so I really would love for him to capture the gold.

A lot of people were heated over this on the internet but it is a new storyline and maybe I am a sucker for soap opera storylines in WWE but this Lana/Lashley/Rusev storyline I am really intrigued by. We will see where it goes, but I’m a sucker for a love triangle in the squared circle.

NXT this week was a very solid show the match I enjoyed the most on the card with Candice Larae VS Shayna. I really wanted Candice to win this match but hopefully we get a takeover with these two. Candice is so damn good in that ring, I really loved that match.

AEW had its debut show and even though they did not have storylines or introduce their characters or brand to the TNT network that well, they had good in ring quality. I liked Sammy VS. Cody a lot, mainly because Sammy is one of my favorite wrestlers. The other match I really enjoyed with Riho winning the women’s championship. I adore her.

Smackdown was a A+ show, I really enjoyed the show. It had this big star show quality to it, it really gave me butterflies. The way the show opened was perfect. Becky got that rub by the Rock and both put on great promos and got over with Corbin. I would say all three wrestles got over in this segment. I am still not on the Corbin train though, I think he can talk but as far as a look and in ring goes along with character, I feel a disconnect.

The first match on Smackdown on Fox was with the four horsewomen, this was perfect and magical. You had the star quality of Becky, you had Charlotte’s athleticism displayed and you had the boss n hug connection getting their spots in and getting over both programs and feuds with these ladies.

The Owens and Shane ladder match was my favorite match on the card, this was such a great match. This match really made me fall in love with Kevin Owens all over again. This was really the greatest hits of a ladder match, felt it was a good display for Fox.

I love seeing Roman doing his superman dive and loved seeing Roman wrestle in general. Roman is a star regardless of what fans and critics feel and think, I actually really wanted Roman VS Kofi for Fox premiere but we did not get that. So it made new everywhere of how upset wrestling fans were online over Kofi getting squashed by Brock. I can understand and see the frustration but then again if fans are tuning in for the first time or haven’t watched wrestling in forever and see a small athletic guy making new day jokes they probably don’t take him seriously or see him as a star even though I feel Kofi was and still is. I just can see and Understand Brock squashing could make the show feel more legit and real. I really enjoyed the full show, I wasn’t bored or looking at my phone one time.

We only have a couple matches announced right now, I am assuming we will get more but it has been a trend for WWE making their PPV’s shorter. I am fine with it but I like them at least 4 hours long, I personally like watching a lot of wrestling.

Bayley VS. Charlotte: I love Bayley with all my heart, but I Just have a feeling Charlotte is winning this, fox has really been promoting her.

Sasha VS. Becky: I know a lot of people think Becky is going to Fox, but Becky will go where her soon to be husband is going and I feel that will be Raw. I am taking Becky to retain and Sasha to be drafted to Smackdown.

Roman and Bryan VS Rowan and Harper: I have Roman and Bryan winning this match. Not much to this, I feel Bryan needs to be a babyface for the Smackdown brand right now.

Fiend VS. Rollins: I am taking Seth Rollins. I know a lot of people will be upset, but I am having Undertaker interfering or Rollins just stomping this monster multiple times.

Next week’s bundle of wrestling, Sasha/Bayley and Gable praise.

I really enjoyed this weeks bundle of wrestling. It’s so crazy because by next week we will be having wrestling every day of the week except on Thursday’s which there is some independent promotions on that day actually. I love wrestling, but I have this loyalty to WWE and that is what I will be mainly sticking with.

Two matches I really enjoyed on NXT were Lacey Lane vs Ripley and Kai returning back to NXT after injury. To me Lacey Lane is such a star, she has such a unique style and her charisma is out of this world. For Dakota Kai to me she is the rick steamboat of the women’s division, she is the perfect babyface to beat Shanya in my opinion. I also liked the main event a lot, I love Tyler Breeze and am the hugest Kushida fan.

For Raw I liked Sasha Banks and Bayley because they are my favorites and I love everything they do. Sasha always puts on good matches and her and Nikki was no different. I thought Gable VS. Corbin was also very good. I love Gable and just hope the rumors of Vince being high on him is true, he is my favorite in ring wrestler right now. I was also really excited that it will be Mysterio VS Rollins next Monday for the premiere. I really like how they are treating wrestling like a series and making series premieres. The Fiend stuff keeps happening is how I will phrase this. I remember when he first came out everyone was so giddy and marking out and some still are. To me it feels like a guy in a halloween mask. That’s just my own opinion and it’s something I have accepted I just won’t get into. With that said I hope Undertaker returns to cost the match because I really like Rollins as champion.

A lot of people really hated on the Smackdown show but I enjoyed it out of all the show this week. First of all the Rowan vs Daniel match was incredible. I can’t help it, my heart loved Daniel as a babyface and right now I will not settle for less. I liked Roman coming down to help Daniel but would like some apology by Roman to Daniel. Gable had a good squash match and I will never complain about watching Gable wrestle. I really enjoyed Sasha and Bayley defeating Carmella and Charlotte. I liked how Charlotte kept her heel vibe with her and kind of just watched Carmella tap out. I thought this showing by Bayley and Sasha have been one of their best as far as tag team action goes. I have been really enjoying Bayley’s heel turn a lot. I like the small things she does, just like when it looked like she was going to help Mella up but hits her hard. I really just love everything with Sasha and Bayley. I’m not against Shane and Owens storyline, I know a lot of people aren’t for it but it’s been the only story I have felt invested into. I love Kevin Owens and I love Ladder matches so that match next week on fox is going to be amazing! Match of the week for me was Ali VS. Shinsuke, really loved this match, encourage everyone to check this one out. Lastly how we went off the air for Smackdown was awesome!! Everyone knows I love Sasha Banks but her whipping Becky’s ass was fucking amazing. I know everyone still loves Becky and how she is still over, but right now I think the best thing that could happen for the women’s division would be Sasha and Bayley both the champions and to take the women’s tag titles too. Just give me as much of Sasha and Bayley before they put the title on Becky all the way till Wrestlemania.

Lots of good wrestling this week and like I said more and more and more wrestling to come. Monday’s will be Raw on USA which I will always watch, has been my favorite show since I was a little girl. Tuesday’s will be Impact on AXS TV, I love impact and think that their storytelling has been the best out of all the company’s. Wednesday’s will be NXT and AEW which I’m sure interest lots of people, but to me it’s no way. Friday will be Smackdown which is another one I will for sure be checking out. Watching WWE on a Friday night, just gives me happy memories. As far as Tuesdays and Wednesdays go I will wing it. I have a job and I love wrestling so much but I do not want to drain myself either. I think Impact will surprise a lot of people as well as NXT. As you see I have not mentioned AEW and that has to do with a few things. I do not support AEW. First of all their shots at WWE over and over again while they are saying they support wrestling, the fans and accept all wrestling. Second they do not have many wrestlers of color and do not promote any. Brandy is the only one promoted. Lastly I do not believe that they believe in their women’s division right now and honestly there storytelling has been poor. Until they start respecting what’s important to my heart, I won’t support.