I’ve been off social media and haven’t blogged in a while. The negativity towards wrestling really made me put everything on noise cancel. I did wanna talk about how much I loved wrestling this week and how I thought Smackdown had it’s best show in a very long time.

First I wanna start out with Raw. I absolutely loved Orton and Edge’s promo. Edge really explained a simple story in the promo of what grit really is, starting from the bottom, doing anything to get into this business. That grit is motivating him to beat one of the best Orton in a wrestling match. I thought this was put together so well.

Another deep storyline we got and we got this is just one night was Nia and Asuka creating a storyline on Raw and having it build up throughout the show. Both women put on a never forget match in NXT, and I believe they could have an amazing aggressive feud going forward.

Austin Theory got dumped from Zelina but found something way better! He joined the Messiah. I am really excited for this. Theory and Rollins is honestly a match I’ve always wanted to see, so I would love for him to learn from Rollins and them circling back to eachother later.

Drew is doing his best and for me the feuds haven’t exactly been there, but Lashley if they are going there is the perfect feud for him. I almost wonder if it would be better for Drew to lose, so he can win it back when they have fans.

I liked last weeks NXT way better but there was things on the show that added a lot to NXT. First of all Ciampa called out Kross and we are getting that match at takevover. Can we talk about how iconic Scarlet and Kross look from their entrance, to their attire, to their facials, they are gonna be stars.

Another thing I loved on NXT was the cruiserweight tournament, this right here is what has been making me love NXT the most out of all brands. If I could pick a winner, I would love Kushida to win it all.

Another really good match on NXT was Rhea vs. Io. I wish we could of got more!!! But good new is at takeover we get a triple threat with Charlotte. Charlotte has really been making her rounds, this girl bleeds WWE and no one can say otherwise.

I really was delighted by all shows this week, but if I had to pick one that was my favorite it would be Smackdown. No filler, all eyes glued to TV. The show started out with Miz and Morrison and I need this. I need a laugh and these guys did it for me. We got a match with Braun and now at backflash we will get Miz and Morrison vs. Braun for championship. Braun has been dominant but I’m not sure him as or not as champion has shown. I would be very interested in if Morrison and Miz won and how that would be booked.

Talking about 5 star matches all night. First we had Shinsuke vs. AJ which was really the match that I think everything fantasized about during their feud a year or two back. These two have always been good, they just need the time and they can show you it all. Another match I absolutely loved was Charlotte vs. Bayley. THis match was so damn good and Bayley getting the win was huge, she really needed this more than Charlotte. I love how we are still continuing story with Sasha and how Bayley wanted to win on her own. The seeds are planted and I love a slow burn feud.

Sonya got another pin on Mandy. I am so glad they are booking Sonya strong, she could have a Becky moment, you just never know. She has definitaly got it in her and has that bad ass energy.

Main event I loved. Jeff Hardy got the win against Shameus and we are getting Hardy vs Daniel next week. What a dream match and if Jeff can beat him he will face AJ which is what I am hoping for.

I hope everyone enjoyed all shows like I did this week. Sometimes you need to stay offline and find out what really matters to your heart. With that said when I was offline there were a lot of comments against Becky Lynch’s pregnancy. The main comment was from Jim Cornette and I’m glad Rollins shut that down and said he no longer respect him. I also saw many comments from fans today judging her for wanting children and how she will never come back the same and a lot of just sexist hateful comments. First of all she can do it all, second of all a women can change dreams, start new dreams and return to her dream anytime she wants to. Becky is a hero, an inspiration and just because a man can get a woman pregnant and still go back to work like nothing happens gives no one any right to say a woman can’t fight to get back to being even better than before. I will not accept anyone that thinks in such a sick way. I support Becky and respect her privacy during this time. It’s her and Rollins personal life, not ours. Let them be and stop judging not only a woman, but a couple that wants to start a family.

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