This week was the go home shows for Money In the Bank. I enjoyed all three shows this week and will dive deep into them all and my predictions for Money In The Bank.

I really liked the MVP lounge with Shayna, Nia and Asuka. It was simple, yet to the point and hyped up money in the bank. I like the way Shayna hasn’t been talking as much and all actions, I’ve liked Nia’s dominant return and my pick for MVP of these last 2 months has been Asuka, so much charisma.

So I’m such a sucker for gauntlet matches. I really loved it, I would of preferred Shelton in the place of Humberto but I really loved the match. Obviously my favorite part was AJ returning and winning it all. Great and fun match.

I like what they are doing with Seth and Drew. I actually like Seth by himself more. I liked Seth with authority and babyface 100 million times more, but I also can’t seem to look away with this character Seth has been doing.

I really liked the roll Cedric and Ricochet had been on but I also am a huge fan of Shane Thorn and interested in seeing more of him.

I really liked the match with Liv and Charlotte, Liv has really been showing us new moves every match she has. I really enjoyed this match.

I loved NXT this week more than any show. I am a huge mark for Dijakovik. He had a great match with Johnny. Johnny I never connected to honestly until now, I love his character change with Candice. I really am into it.

Scarlett and Cross debued and it was really awesome. I loved the entrance and I think they will be good on NXT. I don’t know that much about cross besides what he did in Impact but I am really excited to see what Scarlet can do and what kind of character this is.

Charlotte and Io started out really good. The ending made sense, but I would of preferred interference instead, it would of protected Io more. I did move the match and can’t wait for more.

I been love Cruiserweight tournament and can’t wait for more of this. Great in ring action and shows display of the athletes and a story behind them. NXT has some of the best storylines and characters in wrestling right now, for some reason when I watch NXT I forget there isn’t even a crowd, I’m just so mesmerized with the show.

I loved the start to Smackdown. The way it started with a segment hyping up the match and then bam a very intense match. I was really impressed by both Sonya and Mandy. I loved that Sonya got the win, I really loved everything about it and never thought I would be so invested into a storyline with Mandy. Great stuff.

Great tag team action on Smackdown, tag titles will be defended at MITB. I really love Lucha house party and would love them to win titles.

My favorite part of Smackdown was my Jeff Hardy. I loved Jeff Hardy’s promo, Shamous promo, their interaction and the hype. I am really excited for this feud.

Braun and Bray had a promo together and it was more of the same. We will see what happens Sunday.

I enjoyed Boss n hug connection vs. Tamina and Lacey. Bayley has been great with her heel trash talking, I smile every time. It truly is time for people to start talking about bayley in the discussion just like Sasha, Asuka and Charlotte as best in ring wrestler. She has been such a dominant champion and does the little things that make a match great. I do hate Bayley taking these pins in matches before PPV’s though.


Smackdown tag team championship: I am going with Lucha House Party because I want them to win the gold, but I do see them putting them back of Miz and Morrison.

Bayley vs. Tamina: I am going with my WWE match and sense Tamina pinned Bayley on Smackdown Bayley wins at MITB. I do hope they give us more tension with Sasha and Bayley, it seems it has been slowing down a little.

Rollins vs. Drew: I have this match ending in a new contest, a return or Drew pinning Seth. I just think both men should be protected so it’s a hard one, either way I see Drew winning.

Braun vs Bray: Somehow I have Braun winning.

Women’s MITB: Nia. This match need desperatly to give someone to chase Becky. Becky’s feuds just have not been great, she needs some competition.

Men’s MITB: I don’t feel like Braun and Bray is going to end anytime soon. I am taking AJ Styles to win MITB and be the heel that stocks Drew.

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