There has been so much negativity in the wrestling community lately. When the only thing you love people try to shoot down, it is hard to swallow and endure. The product is doing it’s best and WWE is really doing everything to entertain us and get our mind of things, but fans, social media and even some of the wrestlers are polished with so much negative takes. For me personally it has been so hard to focus on Raw and Smackdown. This week I saw some people put up videos of the live sex celebration with Lita and Edge. I just tweeted that Lita deserved more respect than people posting that video and calling her names. I had 100’s of likes and retweets and many replies that were very horrible words addressed towards me. I was called a whore for supporting Lita and that no one should ever be forgiven for cheating and that I will go to hell for supporting her. It really got to me and I just was questioning why I even have social media, a phone, the internet if it is destroying my only love, my only happiness, wrestling. My heart wants to support all wrestling so bad, but when AEW takes shot at WWE and tragic things they are going through, that wrestlers are going through it makes me bitter, angry, not want to support them. We are in a tough time that regardless of how big of a company you are, you are losing money, losing employees, it so depressing and rough. Wrestling needs to be there to lift us up, not bring us down. I really want all these companies to succeed and make wrestling stronger. Impact is doing such a great job with Tessa, Eddie Edwards, Taya and so many more. AEW is building there women’s division and doing their best work with the women’s division, the independents and trying their best to promote streaming services and pro wrestling tees to help out the wrestlers and WWE is giving us these shows with continued storylines to get our minds off this world. WWE will always be my first love, but I truly want all wrestling to make it, to be stronger than before.

My favorite part of wrestling has been the Candice’s new character in NXT, Jinder returning, Rollins and Drew starting a feud and also the feud with Sasha and Bayley starting up. There may not be much happening as of right now, but these small characters changes and storylines even if it’s just 30 seconds fill my heart with hope and happiness.

Everyone please take care, have faith and hold onto the good. Hold onto wrestling, remember wrestling never divorces you, it will always be there for you.

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