Wrestlemania was truly a therapeutic weekend for me. We had storylines ending and some beginning. I will dive into all of the matches that happened on the shows this week and talk about my highspots and botches.

I enjoyed Smackdown the most out of all the shows this week. I thought Braun and Shinsuke started out the night good and I thought Braun looked very strong on this episode as he should, he’s our new champion. It was a good segment to create our main event.

We had a shorter, but still solid match between Kari, Asuka against Bliss and Cross. Alexa Bliss always got a lot of shit with her feuds with Sasha, Bayley and Nia in the past, but she has always been a good believable character. I’m not sure how I feel about Cross yet, I feel like she hasn’t met her character yet. I would love Asuka and Kari back into singles action and I would love them both on Smackdown. Solid match, correct team won but not interested in Mella and Dana as a team and even if so they need to prove why they deserve a shot.

I liked the storyline with Ziggler and Otis, but I felt after Wrestlemania it should of ended. No longer interested in this story and Mandy would be a great manager for heavy machinery.

The dirt sheets segment was funny to me. To me Morrison is one of the most creative minds. It got us to a match that will happen next week, so I’m all for it. I love all three of these tag teams.

We will see what the Forgotten Sons do on Smackdown, not sure how I feel about them yet.

Solid match with Bray and Shinsuke and interesting appearance by Bray. Bray and Braun could be a good story, but not sure how I feel about putting title back on Bray and Braun losing right away and if a story can be executed well. What I honestly want to see the most in the future is a Bray and Jeff Hardy storyline. Jeff has such an amazing creative mind as well as Bray, I really would trust them to make magic

The segment with Sasha and Bayley was very well done. When they started talking and cutting a promo I was like oh wow maybe they aren’t gonna pull the trigger on these two they are back to owning Smackdown and being best friends. Then Sasha’s facials and Bayley putting Sasha in a match against Tamina said it all. This may be a tease and slow turn but this is already way better when they tried to do it on Raw. I am so excited for this and I will wait forever for these two to get the perfect story that they deserve.

Raw was not my favorite show and it did seem like it was a lot of recap and not much story, but I am fine with that. I am so blessed and happy I am getting any wrestling at all. My favorite match was the first one, Liv and Asuka hitting it off in the ring. I would love a detailed storyline with these two, and this is the perfect opponent for Liv. Liv has always been good in ring to me and she is still improving every match I watch her in. Really hoping to see more of Liv in the future.

I loved that we officially have Bianca on Raw. She is a mega superstar and I am totally cool with her being stuck with Street Profits until they are ready to build her up on Raw. This was a descent match and it got over the right wrestlers.

A match that I really thought was good was Apollo and Black. These two had an amazing match and it showed how good Apollo still is and always has been. One reason I did like parts of Raw is we got to see wrestlers we don’t usually see.

Ever since they faced each other on main event I said I wanted these two as a tag team and now it is happening. Street Profits vs. Ricochet and Cedric screams tag team wrestling main eventing a PPV. I am really excited to see what they can do. I would have Street Profits with Bianca had a good storyline with Cedric, Ricochet and Ember Moon. It can be two babyfaces or one of the teams can turn heel. I do think Street Profits as heels would be interesting.

We had a couple squash matches and Drew facing Big Show which was a better match then the one against Brock. Good close to the show and hopefully we get some storylines developing in the next couple weeks.

NXT was a very solid show, I can understand how they won the ratings over AEW. I still have to catch up on the beginning of the show, I missed the first hour but oh boy Io vs. Charlotte sounds like a show stealer.

I watched the main event and really liked it. I saw the same negative feedback that Edge and Orton got for their match and I didn’t really understand it. I was entertained by the spots and thought the ending was epic. I don’t think Candice should be a heel but at the same time it may add another layer to her character.

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