Wrestlemania Predictions

I know a lot of fans have had their opinions about WWE continuing with Wrestlemania but personally for me wrestling is my escape and I am blessed WWE is till putting a show on for us. I will go over every match that is planned so far and give my predictions.

Otis vs. Ziggler: I have actually liked this storyline and that mainly has to do with me liking Otis and his character. I would love to see Otis win here and maybe just not be interested in Mandy anymore. Being desperate for the girl is not really sympathetic for most fans, but I see it more going the way of Mandy helping Otis. Going with Otis to beat Zigs here.

Elias vs. Corbin: Corbin has been a good heal this year, but since going to Smackdown he has been in a losing streak situation. I am taking Corbin to get the win against Elias.

Black vs. Lashley: I am taking Black to get a win. It’s sad that Lashley has ever got his feud with Brock with that being the whole reason he came back, but Black is someone they seem to be pushing right now, taking Black.

Smackdown tag team championship: This is a match that I could steal the show. A ladder match with Usos, Miz/Morrison and New Day.

Raw tag team championship: Street Profits were on fire when winning title but ever since they haven’t really had a feud. Andrade and Garza are great individually but as a tag team it’s not something I see. I see street profits retaining.

Sami vs. Daniel: I love Sami and hope for him to get more titles in the future, but I see this being Daniel’s moment.

Owens vs. Rollins: I love watching Seth Rollins and a month ago I would of said I love these two wrestling but the feud I’m not for. That changed on Monday. I loved Rollins promo and bringing up FCW. I do see Owens beating Owens and hopefully Rollins remaining a heel but going in a different direction without AOP and Murphy.

Undertaker vs. AJ Styles: This may be the best story in pro wrestling. I have never seen AJ cut such perfect and amazing promos ever. This has brought the best out of AJ and even though I’m sure they are going to have Taker win, having AJ win would put him back in that main event level. I am going with Taker though.

Smackdown women’s championship: This is the match I am most excited for. Sasha and Bayley are my favorite wrestlers and we get the return of Tamina and Trin continuing her story with Bayley. Smackdown women’s division is stacked and I cannot wait for the storytelling in this match. I am going with Bayley retaining.

NXT women’s championship: I like that Rhea is different, but personally I just cannot connect with her. Her matches haven’t really invested me in any way and the story makes NXT look kinda weak in my opinion. Bianca and Charlotte would of been so much better. With that said I have never seen a bad Charlotte match so I’m sure it will deliver. I would like to see Charlotte win to just shock the world and piss of social media, but I do see Rhea winning.

Becky vs. Shayna: I liked Shayna a lot, I just wish they let her be herself like how she was in NXT. Some of her promos feel forced and the caked make up is not a good look for her. For a character the be believable they need to be themselves and not fabricated. I don’t see Shayna taking the title off Becky, even though I really hope she does. Becky has a great character, but I loved straight fire Becky better because of the chase, the sympathy. Becky being cocky doesn’t match her character, it doesn’t feel like herself. The only feuds I personally have been invested with her this year was Natalya and Sasha. This of course isn’t all Becky’s fault and I’m sure she has put input in, but Shayna having the title would give it something new and we could have underdog Becky again.

Cena vs. Fiend: I love Cena and am so excited he is back, I see Cena putting Bray over and having a really good story match. Cena is one of the best at getting someone over and telling a story in the ring and Bray is very creative. If anyone can get the Fiend over again, it’s Cena. This should be entertaining, taking Bray to beat Cena.

Edge vs. Orton: This is another one that could so steal the show. Orton and Edge have great chemistry and the storyline has been one of those you really wish you had crowd interaction in, but it’s been really really good. I am taking Edge to beat Orton.

Universal championship: Roman is rumored to be out of the match or else I would choose Roman to beat Goldberg. Rumor is it will be Braun going up against Goldberg in that case I would prefer Braun winning title, but I see Goldberg going over in that situation. I’m not sure if there is heat for Roman not competing, which would be just ridiculous because it’s a life or death situation especially with his health. I would save Roman vs. Goldberg for Summerslam and give Roman his redemption moment then.

Brock vs. Drew: These two work so good together and as much as I want Drew to win, I feel Brock winning and continuing story with Drew until Summerslam would be better for the story. I do see Drew beating Brock though at Mania.

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