Top Women’s Matches In Women’s Evolution.

Over the weekend I watched my favorite women’s matches and moments. I wanted to give you all my list and maybe you will enjoy re-watching these like I did.

AJ Lee pipebomb: I had a lot of animosity towards the divas era. When Lita and Trish retired I fell out of love of wrestling. Divas era made me so mad because I had so much satisfaction and hope from everything the golden era built, not just Trish and Lita but all those women. I remember when I first started getting back into wrestling right after I watched Sasha vs. Bayley I decided to try to catch up on the women’s division on the main roster. One thing that really stood out and caught my eye was AJ Lee. In every promo, interview, match I could tell with her actions that she wanted women’s wrestling to be taken seriously and she refused to dress up like a diva to accomplish it. She was in some very interesting storylines and her career wasn’t he longest but her matches and the pipe bomb really put fuel on the divas and the divas era. It made people think and soon after that we had people saying give divas a chance.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte July 25th 2016: This was Sasha’s first title reign, this is where she finally captured the gold against Charlotte. This was a huge moment, not many thought anyone could beat Charlotte, a lot of us thought Charlotte would of held onto that forever. Sasha showed everyone that she may have not been born into wrestling, but nothing was stopping her from being born to do this. One of my favorite matches and moments personally for me in the women’s evolution.

Sasha vs. Bayley RESPECT: A lot of people liked Brooklyn better but RESPECT is what really nailed into my chest that Sasha and Bayley were gonna change women’s wrestling and no one was gonna stop them. The storytelling in this match was at it’s finest and Sasha played the heel so damn good. One of my favorite matches of all time.

Sasha vs. Becky. vs. Charlotte WM 32: At this time I had watched NXT and caught up on anything Sasha and Bayley were doing, but I hadn’t really been caught up on Charlotte or Becky yet and there NXT that I rewatched hadn’t invested me yet. This right here, the first time since I cried watching wrestling as a little girl, all that passion and emotions started again. Seeing Sasha come out I thought I know Flair’s daughter is in this match and Becky seemed over with the crowd but Sasha looked like the star, seeing her come out I thought there was no way she wasn’t leaving with the gold. That didn’t happen, but it was still one of the best women’s matches at Wrestlemania ever. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Asuka vs. Bayley NXT Dallas: This didn’t only start the beginning of Asuka’s dominant reign, but it showed us a side of Bayley we didn’t see. She lost her I’m happy and found a darkness inside of her, a toughness to compete with Asuka. Not a lot of people talk about this match, but both women put on an amazing performance and it’s a match I always go back to especially when referring to Asuka and how damn good she is.

Nikki Cross vs. Asuka June 28th 2017 NXT: I remember watching this match on my couch and thinking holy shit women can do last women standing matches now. I loved Nikki’s character in NXT, she had that hardcore edge and I really loved it. Asuka was the dominant champion, but really Nikki took her to that extreme level. One of my favorite NXT matches.

Asuka vs. Charlotte wm 34: This is a match that I believe should of main evented Wrestlemania. That year I really believe it should of happened. I thought it was time for Asuka to take a loss to someone leginiment and who was better than the queen Charlotte, at the time that no one thought anyone could be on her level ever. Now we have Rhea, Asuka, Sasha, Bayley, and a lot of the NXT girls that are catching up. This match didn’t only have athleticism it had a story and a lot of emotion from both women. Asuka wanting Charlotte to be the one to beat her and Charlotte have so many rollercoaster emotions due to her brother who passed away loving japanese wrestling and wrestling in japan. I will always remember this match.

Sasha vs. Bayley vs. Charlotte vs. Nia: Bayley didn’t get to be part of Wrestlemania 32, but I loved having Bayley added to this match. Sasha showed out in this match and it was another example of why they deserved to not only main event Wrestlemania but any PPV.

Sasha vs. Charlotte HIAC: I remember a lot of backlash from fans from this match. This is about when I first started listening to wrestling podcasts and signed up for a Twitter which some days feels like a damn mistake. This match will always mean a lot to me, not only was it the first ever HIAC match, but it was the first time I felt hope that Sasha and Charlotte could keep women’s wrestling going and we could keep getting more first evers and not any bathroom break wrestling matches. This was the first time since Lita and Trish that I thought wow we are actually getting a storyline here. This is better than the men’s storylines, that just gave me a lot of happiness and hope.

First ever women’s royal rumble: That night was so magical. I remember seeing Lita come out the ring and her giving Sasha and Becky a moonsault and just thinking this is so damn cool. There was surprises, storytelling and amazing in ring work in this royal rumble. I’m not sure if anything can ever live up to it, it was a special night and moment that I knew we are never going back, women’s wrestling is only gonna get brighter and better.

Charlotte vs. Natalya NXT: Charlotte puts over this match a lot, but not many people bring it up on there list. This right here was a huge deal, a superstar coming from the main roster to humble an NXT talent and for the championship. The respect, storytelling and match itself was a moment that fans were like wow, women can have long matches too. They just have to let us.

Becky vs. Charlotte Evolution: This storyline started out so hot and I have to be honest a lot of their matches during this feud fell a little short for me, but the last woman standing match at Evolution made me forget all of that. These two risked everything and told one of the best stories I have seen two women tell in ring.

Charlotte vs. Bayley February 13th 2017: This was Bayley’s first title on the main roster. I remember getting off work late, not looking on social media and just going home and watching this on my DVR. Just soaking in Bayley finally getting her shot. Charlotte’s facials and the story she told in ring with Bayley was top notch and Bayley played the babyface good. I’m sure a lot of people won’t choose this on their top list but for me it’s more than some highspots, or flashy spots, I really enjoyed the storytelling and story Charlotte and Bayley had here.

Women’s tag championship elimination chamber: Growing up I was obsessed with tag team wrestling and there was a point when WWE had tag team division and titles but nothing like this. The story behind this is also just amazing. Bayley had admitted in interviews and wrestling websites have reported that during the time that Bayley and Sasha had their feud that everyone was complaining about on Raw that Sasha was pitching to Vince that they wanted tag titles. Every Monday night she would go into Vince’s office and continue to pitch ideas, and demand for women’s tag titles until they got them. That is dedication and heart. Not only was this my favorite elimination chamber match, but what it meant to me just meant everything. For the two wrestler that got me back into wrestling were not tag champs just brought tears to my eyes.

Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Sasha vs. Becky NXT Rival: NXT got to see the group that turned into the 4-horsewomen all battle each other to prove who is the best. These 4 are so important to the women’s revolution/evolution. I know a lot of people say they are overrated or always get the credit, but I am being honest without the 4 horsewomen I do not think we would be where we are at. We wouldn’t have first evers and we wouldn’t have Ronda. Charlotte was the athletic one that refused to be a model, Sasha was the one that have dreamt of changing the word diva, Bayley was the one that refused to change herself to fit the mold and Becky was the one that gave up on her dream, but fate pushed her to tryout for WWE during the perfect time. All women didn’t wanna be a diva, they wanted to compete, they wanted storylines, they wanted to be better than the men. They refused to settle for less.

Sasha vs. Bayley NXT Brooklyn: I think it’s perfect to end with this match on my top list. I have rewatched all of the NXT matches and respect is my favorite, but the first time I started watching wrestling again I was on youtube and suddenly the NXT pre show panel was live streaming. I saw the promo for Sasha vs. Bayley and in that moment I signed up for WWE network, watched an amazing PPV and decided I am never letting wrestling slip away from me again. At that time, I didn’t care about myself, I didn’t care about my life. I was depressed and had no reason to live. That night it sparked something in me, gave me a reason to love and live. In a way Sasha and Bayley saved my life. I will always have a big part of my heart dedicated to Sasha and Bayley for doing that and waking me up. This match at the end of the day had storytelling, phycology, chemistry and in ring action we had never seen before. It’s a classic.

Ember vs. Asuka NXT Takeover Chicago: The Ember and Asuka feud was so underrated. With 4-horsewomen gone they needed women to stand up and take over NXT. Asuka’s dominant streak and the hard fought matches were proof, but if there was a babyface a woman that could sell like no other it was Ember moon. This match meant a lot because they didn’t depend on anyone to get them over, they just went out there and did it.

Io vs. Candice NXT Takeover Toronto: The women’s evolution is still continuing in NXT and these two tore the house down at NXT Toronto. I been a big fan of both of these ladies before they came to NXT. Candice fighting the men and having a babyface sense like no other and Io tearing it up in Japan. Both of these women are continuing the women’s evolution.

Becky vs. Sasha NXT Unstoppable: There is no denying Sasha vs. Bayley got to our hearts but Becky vs. Sasha was a very underrated match that told an amazing story. This really stamped Becky as part of the 4-horsewomen and not the red headed step child being left behind.

Charlotte vs. Sasha vs. Bayley Clash Of Champions: This match was a huge part of Bayley’s career. Going to the main roster and Charlotte and Sasha having in an intense feud but it was the moment that Bayley decided, NO this is my time too.

Sasha vs. Asuka January 29th 2018: There is so many wonderful matches on this list and more that I could clearly add, but this is my last one because it is very special to me. Sasha Banks my favorite wrestler was in the royal rumble the night before this for the longest time. I always wanted to see Asuka vs. Sasha and this Monday night we did. It was just a Raw and I don’t think anyone expected this to be a good match but it was. The energy and chemistry Asuka had we just got a taste of but this was a statement. Yes we can have all these firsts but at the end of they day we ain’t going anywhere, women’s wrestling isn’t going anywhere.

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