This was a controversial week for wrestling fans but I have to say I really enjoyed supershow down. I will get into the whole PPV later in my blog. I will first start out with Monday Night Raw.

I loved the start of Raw this week. Orton’s promo was alright, still being that snake but I loved Owen’s promo, it really came from the heart. The match later in the night was fine, I”m just at the point where I do not need Rollins as this jesus character and this stable. This isn’t the heel Rollins that I loved before.

The women’s segment for contract signing was a lot of chaos and I wasn’t really for it until Shayna showed up. Shayna did her thing and her and Becky had a good thing going. I don’t feel like the women need the Chamber not only because it’s gonna be Shayna vs. Becky but because none of these women I wanna see in a chamber. The Smackdown women I would prefer in a chamber, or even a tag team chamber match.

For me Raw wasn’t it, the show didn’t have much I liked but I am happy for Wrestlemania season and am excited for next week and the future.

I really enjoyed Supershow down. The show just felt big and I really liked the matches. I will go over my favorites.

First of all Undertaker returning was really dope. I always get goosebumps hearing his music. If the plan is AJ vs. Undertaker I am totally on board, I just hope Undertaker can go still.

We got new tag team champions honestly I wish the new champs were the Street profits over Buddy and Seth but maybe they are waiting that for mania. We did get Miz and Morrison as new champs. I really feel they can add a lot, it will help Morrison get some rub till he is ready to go on his own.

The main event a lot of people were upset but I wasn’t. This is coming from someone that never liked Goldberg. I feel the Fiend has gotten a little stale, he is not as over and Goldberg vs. Roman for me is more intriguing.

My favorite match at super showdown was of course my Bayley against Trin. Both these women worked their asses off. This was Bayley’s best heel showing, I really enjoyed this match. I got emotional watching it, I’m so proud of both of them.

Smackdown started hot, we got the return of Sasha Banks. I love Sasha, Trin and Bayley all together fighting. I would love this match at Wrestlemania. Match was decent and good seeing Sasha back, really excited for Chamber. I hope Trin shows out and wins at the chamber.

I really did enjoy the opening of Smackdown. The stand off between Roman and Goldberg made it feel like a big fight feel. I was so hyped just watching these two look at each other. The promos that Roman can cut are gonna be amazing.

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