Raw has really been solid since 2020. The Orton/Edge/Matt Hardy storyline really has been the top storyline in wrestling for me. I loved Orton being a master heel and Matt really cutting incredible promos and bringing up his relationship with Edge. With the rumors of Matt leaving the WWE, I would really like Jeff Hardy involved in Orton hurting his brother and other brother Edge. I think Jeff Hardy and Orton could have another amazing match. I wouldn’t want Jeff to get destroyed or squashed but a good storyline before Orton goes to Edge.

I really enjoyed Charlotte’s promo on Raw, she really is better as a heel and a swagger with all that confidence. I read a lot of people complaining online about NXT having Charlotte vs. Bianca on their show and it not being on a PPV. NXT needs ratings, they need to be taken seriously, Charlotte going over there to have a match with what I feel is a mega star in the next Charlotte of the WWE is gonna be meaningful and stamp in that NXT is a third brand not just a place where talent train and grow.

One thing I just haven’t been invested into is Shayna and Becky and I do like both talents but so far this storyline hasn’t got me attached in any way. I am more excited about who Bayley and Charlotte are gonna face.

Drew has been getting more over every week. There are things about his baby face run I love and some things I can do with out. I am really looking forward to him vs. Brock, but I am more intrigued about what Ricochet can do against Brock this coming Thursday. Brock just always has better matches against smaller wrestlers.

I feel like I say this every week but Smackdown really has been a struggle for me to sit and watch for at least a month now. I am usually just looking forward to what Bayley and Sasha are doing and now Trin. Trin defeated Carmella and I am just excited we get her vs. Bayley. These two are both my top favorite females in the business and I cannot wait to see what they can do at super showdown. Not only are they making HERstory when it comes to women’s wrestling and women’s rights in Saudi but it will be the first time a hispanic and Black female wrestler in Saudi. I adore both these women and can’t wait to watch these two tear the house down. My dream scenario would be Trin vs. Bayley vs. Sasha for mania but hey a girl can dream right. What I could see happen is Naiomi win at super show down or Chamber and then wrestlemania being her vs. Sasha but I am all for any of these three women as champ or winning at Mania.

Everyone has their opinions on the Bella’s being inducted into the hall of fame. Truthfully I was never a Bella Twins fan so I’m not gonna act like I was. I have been vocally about the divas era and that I gave up and stopped watching wrestling during the divas era, my passion just died. It wasn’t my taste and wasn’t the path and message I stand for but with that said they contributed a lot to the WWE and worked their asses off when chances were being taken away. I truly respect them for that. Everyone has a different flavor, different interests, that’s why we have different characters and storylines. Congrats to them and as a wrestling community let’s not spread hate, lets respect and appreciate what we’ve had and where we are now in women’s wrestling.

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