I really have been loving Raw. Smackdown has been a challenge lately. I usually like NXT better but I liked Raw better this week.

I know a lot of people didn’t like the opening because they thought these two men having a match wasn’t must watch TV, especially with AEW on the other channel. I personally liked this, I could of used the match to be shorter but it did what it was supposed to do gave Strong a solid win and we got him and Dream continued.

I have to say amazing in ring action on NXT this week. I really enjoyed Candice vs. Kai and I was speechless for Lio vs. Garza. I swear anytime Candice bleeds in a match it becomes a classic or at least really amazing match. Her and Kai got good chemistry, I actually prefer matches with them over Kai vs. Teagon. I really can’t say enough about Lio Rush, this man mesmerizes me when it comes to in ring wrestling. I would love the title back on Lio.

I feel they got everyone already invested into Bianca vs. Rhea vs. Charlotte for Mania that Bianca losing and us not having the match would be a huge disappointment. Bianca is a mega star and has been proving she is the woman, the future and she needs to win at Wrestlemania and becomes new NXT women’s champion. You have to display your stars and show who is the most over and reward your fans. Bianca is more over than Rhea.

Raw had loads of action and storytelling, what stood out to me was Shayna attacking Becky, biting her neck and looking like a damn badass. Yes I agree there was probably too much blood but to make it believable you could of had Becky just not move. In the end I really liked this and the storytelling we are getting.

It was a surprise and great to see MVP back again and him in these segments are much better than him wrestling. He is getting up there and I thought this was good use of him. Drew looked bad ass and this segment did what it needed to do.

The stuff with Rhea and Charlotte was alright. I just feel between these three Charlotte and Bianca over shadow Rhea.

I loved the Randy Orton and Matt Hardy segment, this was my favorite part of Raw. Matt Hardy bringing up his history with Edge but saying they are still brothers really brought up memories, reality and hit something for me. I really liked this a lot, just wish Matt could of at least had a good competitive match with Randy.

My favorite part of Smackdown was Bayley. The starting segment was a little shaky for me but once Bayley came out and cut a heel promo it was really good. I was watching with my brother who thinks wrestling is stupid now but he thought Bayley was awesome. The match itself was really good, Bayley really gives everyone there best matches.

I was a little let down with the Otis and Mandy segment tonight. I was just expecting a little more but I assume we get Zigs vs. Otis next week.

Main event was a solid match but I guess I missed the storytelling and why these men are facing one another.

Smackdown has been a little rough to watch for the last month, but this show did go back easy for me and there was key spots I did enjoy.

NXT Takeover predictions:

Johnny wrestling vs. Finn Prince Balor: I really feel Finn needs this, he can cheat to win but I am taking Finn to get the win. I have enjoyed Finn’s heel work but he needs some wins to be a credible heel.

Teagon vs. Kai: I am going with Kai to win this one. Teagon won the last one and another case for a heel to be credible, Kai needs this more. I also do feel Kai will be the heel to challenge for NXT championship in the future.

Lee vs. Dijakovic: I am taking Lee to retain but for Dijakovic to turn heel.

Tag team championships: I don’t want it to happen but I see undisputed era losing and the tease of era breaking up.

Rhea vs. Bianca: I am taking Charlotte to interview and for this to be a triple threat for Mania.

Cole vs. Chiampa: I am taking Cole retaining. I just feel Finn vs. Cole in an actual feud and title match is the money.

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