Drew has turned baby face and it couldn’t of happened at any better time. Regardless if he wins the Rumble or puts on a good show in the Rumble, we could be getting closer to Drew as WWE Champion. This week I really feel we got to see the real Drew. I am hyped to see more of this and so interested in his baby face run.

I liked seeing Ricochet in action, I really wish they would repackage him or give him a manager.

The Becky and Asuka contract signing was really good. It was simple they signed the contract then we got Asuka using the mist on Becky. Becky really sold that mist and cut an amazing promo. Really looking forward to this match.

Black vs. Murphy was another classic and the ending of Raw was even better. We got Buddy joining Seth Rollins and AOP. So hyped for next week.

I liked the start of Smackdown team hell no reuniting. I really love anything Daniel Bryan does and Kane is one of my favorite older wrestlers.

I liked the segments and match for Bayley vs. Lacey but not all for them pushing Lacey so much and having Bayley lose. Bayley doesn’t get enough credit for how good she is in the ring and how over she gets females that are green and not experienced.

I thought this was one of NXT’s better episodes in the last couple weeks. I really loved the main event women’s battle royal. I really feel all along Bianca should of been the one to beat Shayna but she won the battle royal so hopefully her and Rhea put on a good match. We haven’t had many wrestlers that have been so gifted coming into this sport and learn so fast. I compare Bianca to a Kurt Angle, she just caught on right away, like it was all meant to happen. She is unique, strong, a mega star and could really bring this women’s division to the next level and also show that not only white girls can be champions. She has it all and could help and be a role model for so many girls. The other match on NXT I super loved with Swerve vs. Lio vs. Tyler Breeze. This was an insane match, all men had chemistry and I loved Swerve taking the win. I was so hyped for Kushida and and Shelley teaming, thought they could really go all the way but they had them lose, wasn’t a fan of it.

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