I really enjoyed Raw and Smackdown a lot this week, but Wrestle Kingdom was really just that wrestling that had the psychology and emotion in their wrestling. Just got done with night one and my favorite matches were Will Ospreay vs. Takahashi and Okada vs. Kota. To be honest I haven’t watched NJPW in a year but watching wrestle kingdom that didn’t matter. Sure I missed some things but what NJPW did that AWE didn’t was introduce me to the characters and the changes. It was the most easy wrestling, well booked, amazing wrestling I have seen in a long time. It has that real fight feel along with the feeling that it is okay to have emotion and cry during a emotional moment or match.

I loved both Raw and Smackdown but Smackdown was the show for me this week. I loved the surprises we got, to end the show we got the Usos returning to help Roman and it looks like we are getting a tag team called the bloodline with Tamina who I would love to see more of. A Stable that has a female, now that is something I can get behind. We also had Sheamus returning to attack Shorty G. As much as I liked this return I did feel there was a better way to have him return. A surprise that I really liked though was John Morrison returning to Smackdown. I am so glad he is not going through NXT and this is great because he is with the Miz and Miz seems to be turning heel. So excited for this new story. The women opening the show I enjoyed and as much as Dana and Lacey have improved I didn’t like Sasha taking the pin and I am not excited for her losing to Lacey. I have liked the way Bayley has been booked and I really enjoyed her promo. I like Bayley and Sasha together as heels but I would like Bayley to be treated more like a store booking wise. I have liked the booking and I know it will never be perfect but just let Bayley be herself and use her ideas.

I also enjoyed Raw so let’s dig into what everyone has been complaining about but for some reason is getting great hits in the ratings. The wedding happened and this story may have it’s oh wow that happened or embarrassing moments for some but it’s been a consistent storyline, they haven’t give up on it. They keep adding to it and regardless if this was the plan or not, it’s working. I am a huge Liv Morgan fan and I did like her better with her pink hair and edgy character but I want Liv to have air time and to get a strong storyline so this personally works for me. Another thing on Raw I enjoyed was Randy Orton faking an injury and getting redemption on AJ. I like a baby face kinda doing a heel move, it was really well done and I am all for AJ vs. Randy Orton going into Mania. Street Profits defeating OC to be added into the match I am all for, but I would like OC to become new tag team champions next week, I would love OC to dominate like Undisputed Era does on NXT. As much as people love to hate on Charlotte, her and Natalya had an amazing match on Raw, it was my favorite match on the show. Would love to see Natalya turn heel or even Natalya and Charlotte as a tag team. Descent promo by Becky Lynch, I’m interested in seeing her vs. Asuka. I Just personally need more from Asuka lets bring more up, bring up that Becky tapped to her. I’m not sure how I exactly feel about Becky acting like she cannot beat Asuka but I am willing to roll with it. Last thing that I have been really loving is Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins and AOP have been dominating who they want and now we get Joe and Owens as a team which is also really intriguing, but the thing is I don’t want AOP and Rollins to lose, they need to remain strong with Rollins being the mouthpiece.

With AEW I have enjoyed what they have been doing with Jericho and Sammy, but it does really make me think if Revial doesn’t renew contract them and Jericho together would be legendary. I also think Darby is a star and shouldn’t be losing. I do like him in a Jeff Hardy underdog underground role, but in this generation fans aren’t patient enough for him to keep losing and remain that underdog. The women’s action is still disappointing to me and Britt continuing to lose is not something I understand at all. With that said I will give it a chance and keep watching because I enjoy watching all different kinds of wrestling.

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