I hope everyone had a great holiday week. Honestly the Holidays for me are always tough, but wrestling really cheered me up and kept me strong this week.

On Smackdown I really loved seeing the New Day tag with Braun against Cesaro, Shinsuke and Sami. I thought this was a really solid match and I really loved seeing Cesaro and New Day, they really are my favorites to watch on Smackdown. A good win for New Day but a little worried about Shinsuke losing recently. I would love to see Ali in the title picture if they aren’t taking Shinsuke seriously or even Cesaro.

I am enjoying the cute storyline with Mandy and Otis. Mandy doesn’t need to win matches to make this storyline work.

I really loved the main event. One of the more solid matches I have seen by the Miz in a long time. Really really enjoyed this match and the undeniable chemistry Daniel and the Miz have.

My favorite part of Smackdown was Bayley and Sasha owning it. I usually don’t like tag team rematches but this was perfect way to put Sasha and Bayley back in the dominant spotlight on Smackdown.

Lastly on Smackdown I loved seeing Roman just make spots and interferences with Corbin. I would really like Roman to win the Rumble but until then I am perfect fine with him making Corbin’s life a living hell.

Raw was pre taped and a lot of people looked and the spoilers and didn’t like the show. I never look at spoilers because I like the surprise and to watch the show without interruptions. Holiday shows are never amazing shows but I liked Raw for certain parts and developing stories for the Royal Rumble.

First of all I absolutely love love love love Rollins heel turn and everything he has been doing lately. I liked his match with Mysterio and I like his promos and him dominating with the AOP. For me Rollins has saved Raw, he has added that star feel as a heel.

I love Cedric so much and he put on a great wrestling match, but I really win they would give him some wins and buid him up.

Another thing I really loved on Raw was Becky Lynch cutting a really good promo on Asuka and not only cutting a great promo but speaking in Japanese to Asuka. This is already fired up, I cannot wait for this match at royal rumble. Becky has been fire this year regardless of her booking and this will elevate her even more. Really excited.

The OC got a much needed win with defeating Orton and the viking raiders. I would like to see the OC to keep getting more wins. AJ is a good heel to become champion along with Rollins later also.

I thought both shows were entertaining this week and added a lot to look forward coming this week.

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