It has been an amazing 5 days of pro wrestling. I really loved war games and I thought Survivor Series was the PPV of the year. I also thought Monday Night Raw was the greatest in months.

At war games my favorite match was the women’s war games match and I thought the men extremely delivered too but damn that Kai turn was just everything. I know how over Becky Lynch is but Rhea, IO and Kai are on such fire right now, you never know if they go to Smackdown or Raw they may take over. Really solid NXT Takeover, an easy and amazing show to watch.

Like I said, I really enjoyed Survivor Series. My favorite match was Adam Cole vs. Pete Dunn. This match really surprised me, it was a match that I just was making some pizza rolls then I stopped eating and really got into the match. I know Adam Cole and Pete can go but I wasn’t expecting all the storytelling in the match and being so invested. I really loved it. I also really liked the women’s Survivor Series 5 on 5. I liked that Sasha was the last one in there with Rhea but I would of preferred faster eliminations and more time with those two. I am a huge Daniel Bryan fan and I actually enjoyed his match with the fiend. Really thought it was a good way of getting the fiend over while not squashing Daniel.

An amazing weekend of wrestling continued for me while watching Monday Night Raw. Seth Rollins did what no one thought would happen for a long time, people thought Vince was too stubborn but that was all wrong. Rollins turned heel and oh my I loved the way he turned. He didn’t come out telling all the fans he hates them, he told the wrestlers they were losers and just went twitter seth rollins on monday night raw. It was really a great promo and a good match with Owens. We even got a twist ending with AOP not attacking ROllins but attacking KO. Will be interesting to see if we get an alliance next week.

A storyline many haven’t enjoyed but really delivered with the Rusev/Lashley/Lana storyline. I really think they got something here and we can get a good TLC match out of it.

Andrade got another win this week on Raw, they are really putting him in the position to become a champion and with Mysterio winning United States champion we can finally get this feud.

I really liked Asuka vs. Charlotte but I really feel Charlotte has been losing too much. I really hope we get Asuka vs. Becky for the championship soon because Becky has felt off since Wrestlemania for me.

I am watching NXT right now and am really enjoying. So I first turned on AEW and saw the Chris Jericho appreciation, I really didn’t enjoy the promo it felt WWE esque which I don’t want in AEW. Then I saw some matches that went long and didn’t have any stakes so I turned to NXT. I really really loved Dakota vs. Candice and I loved how touch and heelish Kai is being. I would or preferred Kai squashing someone but we can have a story with Candice that Kai wins. We also had a great opening match to open NXT. Dijokovic is really becoming a wrestler I am becoming a huge fan of.

Lio Rush and Tozawa had a really great match, it was the match of the night on NXT for me. Lio is on such fire right now, he needs to keep this title and just keep fighting new opponents.

Really great promo by Shayna and amazing promo by Rhea. These two are huge stars and it’s gonna be a killer match. These two are bigger than Becky Lynch right now. These two are the hottest females in wrestling on the mic and in right and nothing feels more real and bad ass them then two.

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