It has been an amazing packed week of wrestling and we have two more days in a row of it left. I am really excited for War Games and Survivor Series. I will be giving my predictions at the end of my blog.

Charlotte and Becky defeated the IIconics in a short match. It does feel they are teasing 4 horsewomen vs 4 horsewomen eventually. The attack was alright, but Becky saying she doesn’t care about brand vs brand really took me out of the night. Last year she was such fire for standing up for Smackdown and now she is saying it doesn’t matter.

My favorite singles match of the week was Andrade vs. Seth Rollins, I really enjoyed this match and I was fine with the DQ with not wanting any man to lose. The interference of Lucha House part was not for me, I would of liked to see Roman.

I am very interested in what Rowan has in the cage. It’s a story with a tease. I would like him to have rats or some animal that he gives to his gimmick. I am very interested.

I thought Mysterio’s promo was really good and I am so invested that I want Rey to really win on Sunday.

Show of the week so far for me was NXT. I really loved the way they started it with Becky Lynch. Personally if I was booking it, I would of had it start off with Bayley and Sasha, the heart of NXT. I did like Becky’s promo and I noticed she did stumble a little bit with the boos and she did have a great match with Rhea.

The match of the year candidate for me was Revival vs. Undisputed era. Oh my god, this match was amazing. Revival do not get enough credit for how damn good they are. Highspots are cool but I love my wrestling with lots of selling and a detailed story in ring. This was my match of the year candidate for a tag team match. I really makes me wish they would of never took the belts off them.

Dakota Kai had a good match the Kaylee Ray. She did lose but I am hoping we will be getting a story with Kai soon going up against Shayna. There is a good story there to still tell.

Really loved the ending of NXT with Seth Rollins showing up. It makes me want Rollins vs Ciampa so much more.

With Smackdown I really loved the start of it and then it just went a little down hill for me. I liked how Roman, Corbin are all talking about how they are gonna beat everyone while arguing and opening the doc doors for NXT and Raw to invade. What I love even more was Sasha stepping up and saying us girls will get it done, now stop fighting men. It was great and I really thought Sasha stole the night with her two promos. Match between Sasha, Charlotte and Rhea was alright, but I really just enjoyed Sasha’s promo more.

I do like how they brought in Daniel Bryan’s and Bray’s past. My main issue is there is no story so I wish they would of told this one better before Sunday. I do love everything Daniel does and his promos have been fire, way more intriguing than the fiend. I really want Daniel to beat the Fiend on Sunday.

I liked Bayley getting the upper hand on Shayna and this match I am the most looking forward to.

I thought the invasion angle was cool, they did something different while trying to recreate the DX invasion. I liked it. I give them a B for there Survivor series development. I really wish we knew all the teams right away and it was just those guys invading. It’s too much when it’s everyone just brawling, it’s just too much for me. With that said it will be a great weekend.


Team Rhea VS. Team Blaszer: I’m taking team Shayna and for Shayna’s next story to be with Becky Lynch. It would be cool if she threw title in the trash and went to Raw, but I have a feeling she will just show up on Raw after.

Team Ciampa VS. Undisputed Era: I am taking team Ciampa. Ciampa has recently returned and he needs something to keep him over, I see team Ciampa winning this one.

Riddle VS. Finn: I am taking Finn. I don’t see what the big deal is with Riddle but I could see Riddle more used on Raw then on NXT. Taking Finn for this.

Priest vs. Dain vs. Dunn: It may be early to some but I feel Damien Priest is ready to be in the main event.


AJ VS. Shinsuke VS. Strong: The OC have been losing a lot and AJ needs something to make people remember why he came to WWE, who he is and why is one of the greatest in ring wrestlers ever.

Mens– NXT VS RAW VS SD: I’m taking team Raw. I could be wrong with this, but I don’t see Rollins, Owens, Drew or Orton taking a pin right now.

Womens–NXT VS RAW VS SD: They have been really hyping up the NXT women’s division, I see them sweeping house.

Viking Raiders VS. New Day. VS. Undisputed Era: I was going to take Undisputed era but they won on Smackdown. I am going to go with Viking Raiders dominating.

Daniel Bryan VS. Fiend: As much as I want Daniel Bryan to be the champion, I know they are going to stick with the Fiend.

Mysterio VS. Brock: I feel we need something new on Raw. I am going with Mysterio becoming new WWE champion.

Shayna VS. Becky VS. Bayley: As much as I want Bayley to win I see them giving Becky the win over Bayley and this turning into Becky VS Shayna going into Wrestlemania.

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