This week I only watched WWE and I found myself less stressed. I really feel what it comes down to is watch what you love and if you have to skim and skip through matches or segments that don’t interest you that is okay. Everyone is worried about ratings, but really it is perfectly fine to keep stuff on demand and watch when you desire. For me that has been the key to enjoying wrestling and not being critical, annoyed and overwhelmed by wrestling.

Raw was mainly setting up Crown Jewel which I didn’t watch, so Raw wasn’t my favorite show this week but it had its moments. You cannot say they aren’t trying with storytelling because we have had the Lana/ Rusev and Lashley storyline that has been developing. It may not be everyone’s cup of yea, but I am giving it a chance.

What I really did like about Raw was the women’s action. I loved how Kabuki Warriors turned on Paige, it really helped add heat to their heel motives. I thought the Becky and Kari match was fine and I loved Kari’s new look. For me Becky is just there, I know she is still over with the fans but the only really solid match she has had all year was against Sasha. I guess I am just more intrigued by bad ass Shayna over bad ass becky.

I am very interested in this story with Andrade and Cara. Cara had a woman come down to the ring with him a Luchadore, I am very interested in what she can be doing with Cara.

I really loved Rollins VS Rowan on Raw also, I thought Rollins looked so great. Unfortunately Rollins did lose at Crown Jewel. I know a lot of people are happy the Fiend won, he’s over but he just doesn’t click for me. I hope they have a plan for Rollins and keep him away from Fiend.

The rest of Raw was really filler matches that had no storyline or anything to them. We had good matches but nothing at stake.

On the other hand, Smackdown was my favorite show of the week not only my favorite but favorite Smackdown all year long. Gotta say unscripted WWE with Paul and HHH running the show is the best, no one can compete with that.

We had Paul Heyman cut an incredible promo to start the show off and it all was a great way to get Brock on Raw with Bray on SD now with the Universal championship. Paul calling the fans bitches and screw fox was so damn good.

So many good matches on Smackdown tonight my favorite has to be one of my favorite in ring wrestlers Daniel Bryan against another amazing in ring wrestler Adam Cole. Amazing match and I loved how all these matches had an ending, none ended in no contest.

Another matches and even more so storyline I liked was Nikki losing to Bayley. Bayley looked really good and used her old finisher when she was in the independents and I loved it. After the match Shayna attacked her, Nikki and Sasha. Shayna looked great, she looks like an actual bad ass, not someone just playing one on TV.

Ciampa and Miz went head to head on the mic together and in ring. I thought match was descent but the promo work was hands down amazing. Another example if you let them just talk and do their own promos how beautiful it can be.

I liked how Rea and Teagan destroyed Fire and Desire. I don’t know if it’s just me but Mandy and Sonya together has really ran it’s course. I think it was appropriate for them to get handled like that.

All together great week for wrestling. I’ve watched clips of crown jewel but haven’t watched the full PPV yet. I just have to say how proud, and emotional and very happy I am that Natalya and Lacey got to for the first time ever wrestle in Saudi Arabia. This should be a huge deal to everyone and is to me. Making history, making respect and giving those that cannot express and speak what this means hope. It was truly beautiful and emotional and I am so proud of Natalya. She is the women’s evolution and everything to women’s wrestling. She deserved that moment.

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