Seth Rollins promo and Bray Wyatt promo

Natty Insight: I thought Rollins delivery was really good. I personally am not into Bray’s character(s). I think the guy is creative but it’s not something I feel invested in. It really feels like a halloween gimmick for the season.

Braun demolishes the tag team champions

Natty Insight: I really didn’t like this at all. I have never been high on Braun and him getting title shot after title shot is annoying to me. The tag team division needs to be strong and treated with respect, this whole segment felt like tag team division means nothing to the WWE.

OC defeat Cedric and the viking raiders

Natty Insight: I am very sad that reports are that they want to bury Cedric. Cedric is so good in ring, I love his charisma and him in general. I would have Cedric beat a guy like AJ to elevate himself in the midcard. I was not a fan of this.

Corbin defeats Gable

Natty Insight: Match started out slow and crowd really killed this match for me. I did like the middle to the end of this match and everything Gable was doing. He is such a great wrestler, I can not express how much I want a push for him.

Riochet and Rusev both beat Mike after Maria says the baby isn not his.

Natty Insight: This was a funny segment but I really hope this helps Mike get a push in the future. For me Maria is go away heat, I never liked her in TNA and her promos I”m sure are good to some but more than anything it’s annoying heat that makes you not wanna hear her voice.

Myserio defeates Cesaro

Natty Insight: Underrated match on the card, liked the match just wish we could get a story with Mysterio.

Bayley and Sasha defeat Bliss and Cross

Natty Insight: I thought this match was great and I loved the heel antics by Sasha and Bayley. I really loved everything about this besides Charlotte helping Becky and Sasha been getting a lot of beat downs lately.

Lacey defeats Dana Brooke

Natty Insight: All I can say is give me more of Dana Brooke.

Rollins defeats Roode and Bray attacks Kane and gives Rollins a staredown

Natty Insight: Match itself was great, would love a feud between these two. Bray attacking Kane was fine to elevate Bray more, even though he is over. The whole creepy scaring Rollins was not for me. Rollins is the babyface, he shouldn’t be scared and all the lighting made Bray look like he is in a halloween mask.


New day defeat Revial and Orton with Brock challenging Kofi.

Natty Insight: Amazing match to start off Smackdown and good surprise to have Brock return to Smackdown. I am all for Brock defeating Kofi and being this huge superstar again, but they need to be prepared for this draft and Brock not missing every Smackdown event.

Nakamura and Sami attack Ali

Natty Insight: All for this to start up again, but Ali needs to start winning again.

Owens sues Shane

Natty Insight: I actually liked this. I like the realism of a wrestler not being be rich and having to fight odds with his crappy job. I thought Owens delivery was great.

Charlotte defeats Sasha VIA DQ

Natty Insight: They need to stop ending so many matches in DQ and they need to let Sasha get some wins. Charlotte taking the pin won’t downgrade her at all. Charlotte also needs to stop with her moonsaults, they look so unrealistic.

Gable attacks Baron

Natty Insight: This was my favorite segment of the week. I love Gable and I am all for him getting a push and standing up for himself. Also, I hate the short jokes.

Rowan and Harper demolish Roman and Daniel Bryan

Natty Insight: Great display of the big men dominating. I am all for Daniel going back to babyface. He does great heel work but I just am more invested and care more when he is a babyface because I like the good guys. Looking forward to this story continuing.

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