Bayley not getting enough respect and credit, why I liked Sasha Banks promo, and why I love Ziggler and Roode as a team.


  • A lot of the blogs, podcasts and wrestling twitter really hated hard on Sasha Banks promo this week on Raw. Maybe it’s because Sasha is my favorite wrestler, but I loved the promo. Think about it, Sasha and Bayley were passionate about tag team wrestling, yes but they were also very passionate about feuding with each other and both being singles stars. The women’s tag team was a backup plan for them to make something great that they basically created. Bayley and Sasha both belong in the main event and as champions. I loved Sasha’s promo about being the greatest and everything she said. Think about who did Becky have to face next besides Sasha? Sasha really saved this Raw women’s division. What I would love is if we had Sasha and Bayley both champions on Raw and Smackdown, but that’s just my dream. 🙂
  • I absolutely loved the tag team turmoil match on Raw. Paring Roode and Zigs together was perfect and them being the iron men of the tag team turmoil really proved that they are two of our best in ring wrestlers in the world. I am really looking forward to their tag team developing and the chemistry and good matches we see in the future.
  • My favorite match this week was Cedric defeating Cesaro. Really if you gave these two a story they could have an insane feud. Cedric is so good at his facials, selling and in ring work, he would be my pick to become the new Universal, WWE champion in the future, to me he has everything and I enjoy watching him every single time.
  • I’m enjoying this Randy Orton/Kofi story we have going on right now, currently it is the best. I really hope this ends with Kofi coming out on top and I know everyone wants the new day to split up but I Just don’t. Yes BIG E is the big guy that WWE would typically push and Cedric and Kofi are the little guys. I just like them all together and I love the brotherhood.
  • Good match between Buddy and Ali, I personally would of liked it to go longer and it isn’t the best out of all the matches these two have had with each other but as far as a smackdown live match goes it was good. I was surprised they went with Ali, but very curious to see where this goes and where Buddy’s storyline with Roman and DB goes.
  • Bayley had two matches this week. One on Raw with Nikki and one on Smackdown with Lacey. Both matches were very good, just no story attached to them. I think Lacey has a cool gimmick and she is athletic, but everything in ring and facials to me is off. When everyone was talking about how good Lacey has looked and improving, I’m not gonna say she isn’t but she is in ring with one of the best wrestlers WWE has in the women’s division. I am sick of Bayley not getting the respect she deserves. You can like the model type girls or the girls cakes with makeup and wearing their bootie shorts and bra but Bayley kills it in ring like no other.
  • I’m intrigued with Roman’s attacker story, I think this slow burn is something WWE hasn’t done in a while and it’s working for me. I think Seth, Buddy, DB, Rowan are too obvious of attackers but I would like a big surprise like maybe Usos are someone just out of nowhere.

Natty Insight:

  • I am really against a Braun and Seth Rollins feud. First of all these fans are horrible and treat Rollins like crap, booing him and just not responding well. Second Braun looks at that Universal title like a creep, it’s almost uncomfortable to watch. I am also one of the few that never thought Braun should be champion, yes he is a monster but promo and in ring wise I have never felt it click.
  • I just saw AJ VS Braun for US title. I have no desire seeing these two fight again. Give AJ some competition, like an Cedric, or babyface that could use the build.
  • I am just not feeling babyface Miz or Owens. Both of these men are top heels but as far as babyfaces goes, it’s just not there and I don’t think it ever will. Some are organic faces and some aren’t.
  • Last thing I will vent about is the 24/7 championship. When it was on R-Truth I thought it was funny and entertaining. Drake and Elias don’t entertain me with it and eventually the comedy fades which I feel it is doing right now. I think putting it on the women would make it interesting for a little bit longer.

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