Stomping Grounds

Cruiserweight championship: I see Tony retaining here, but Drew as a heel champion would bring a lot to 205 live. 205 is great and getting better, but I do not get invested into Tony personally. With that said Tony is amazing in ring.

Big E & Xaiver VS. Sami and Kevin: I see Xaiver and Big E winning this, but I would like to see KO and Sami to win. First of all booking heels to constantly lose I am not a fan of, no reason why baby faces cannot take the pin or submission also. Second we have seen KO and Sami together and as opponents, I think it’s time to seperate them.

Tag team championship: I have a surprise win and Heavy Machinery defeating Bryan and Rowan. Wrestling websites if you can believe have been saying Bryan wants more of a part time schedule and he has also been losing as of late against Rollins which was an amazing match by the way. Another thing is tag team division on Smackdown is stale so it may be time for a new champion even though Daniel is money in the ring and on the mic.

United States Championship: I have this match ending in DQ or not contest somehow. I see Ricochet eventually getting the title but not at stomping grounds.

Roman VS Drew: I really feel we need a heel to win to elevate the heel stable with Shane on this PPV but I am taking Roman to defeat Drew. Roman also is someone that needs a boost.

Universal Championship: I cannot see any way of Corbin defeating Rollins at all, I see this being a strong match for Rollins to retain and prove why he is the best wrestler in the world. I also see him getting vicious and violent.

Raw women’s championship: I see Becky Lynch retaining at Stomping Grounds. I know a lot of fans and journalist say there is no one for Becky to feud with and that is why she will drop title but I disagree. I think Lacey was a bad first choice it did make straight fire not so much fire, but Becky is great and still is over and made it all work. Wrestlers that I would love to see face Becky are Natalya, Bliss, Ruby, Dana and Sasha who I do believe will be returning. Heel Sasha VS. edgy baby Becky would be feud of the year.

WWE championship: This will be a great match and I am looking forward to this match the most, but I do see Ziggler losing. I have Kofi retaining in strong fashion with the wrestling ability this match will provide.

Smackdown women’s championship: This is a match that most may not be looking forward to, but these two have chemistry and are bringing that rumored real life heat between Sasha and Bliss into this match. I am really looking forward to this match but I do have Bayley retaining and I hope I’m right. Bliss is on Smackdown and would be a good next feud for Becky, but it’s also too soon for Bayley to lose, this is her best run ever in the WWE and I am loving everything Bayley is doing. She is my favorite and all of this is beautiful to see, I just hope we have it for much longer.

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